Trisul in morning light

Trisul I (7120 m / 23,360 ft), Trisul II (6690 m / 21,949 ft) and Trisul III (6008 m / 19,711 ft) from the South-Southwest in morning light.

The three peaks resemble a trident - in Hindi/Sanskrit, Trisul, trident, is the weapon of Shiva. The Trisul group forms the southwest corner of the ring of peaks enclosing the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, about 15 kilometres (9 mi) west-southwest of Nanda Devi itself.

The first serious climbing expedition to pass through the Outer Nanda Devi Sanctuary was that of Tom George Longstaff, an English doctor, explorer and mountaineer, who climbed Trisul I in 1907 via the Trisul glacier. He thus became the first person to climb a summit of over 7000 meters in elevation.

October/November 2010. Photo by Tracey Maund


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