Twin Lakes and Mt. Evergreen.

This photo was taken from the south summit of the Honeycomb Cliffs, 10,479 feet. Brighton at the head of Big Cottonwood Canyon, is seen distant down and to the east. Also seen down at the lower right is Twin Lakes. Forest covered Mt. Evergreen is just above the right handgrip of the bike.

The summit of Honeycomb Cliffs was obtained after riding up from Alta, at the head of Little Cottonwood Canyon, through the more rugged technical biking terrain of Grizzly Gulch. Steep and very direct, this route led me to Twin Lakes Pass, at about 10,000 feet. From there I shouldered the bike the remaining 500 vertical feet to the summit area. Great day for a short but intense mountain bike run. Sepember 24, 2011.


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