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Half Dome summit (cables), Yosemite, 1 day;
Cloud's Rest summit, Yosemite, 1 day;
Mt. Banner (Ritter Range) summit, Mammoth, Class 1-3, 3-day trek;
Mt. Sobaeksan summit, Class 1/2, 1 day;
Mt. Ranier, snowshoeing around Bunny Flat;
Mt. Shasta Avalanche Gulch 1st attempt 1-day to Red Banks, whited out; 2nd attempt 2-day summit;
Mt. Whitney summit, main trail, 19hr (no acclimization period...won't do that again)
Longs Peak summit, Keyhole route, Rocky Mountain NP, 13hr
Kenai Fjords Harding Icefield Trail, AK
The Subway (Top-Down), Zion NP, 10hr


Initially began top-roping into trees with protection for the purpose or arborculture; now climb recreationally more for the purpose of exploration/scenery/endurance than for the technical skill/physicality/difficulty aspects; historically I've always preferred to route-find the easiest way to the top; thus, prefer class 1-3 dirt trails/scrambles any season with a little class 1-3 snowfields spring/summer only; have preferred to move solo, light and as fast (as possible!), so possibly will dread carrying the steel and rope if not absolutely necessary


Would eventually like to move out of my comfort zone and apply/practice technical skills/self-rescue knowledge learnt from 'Freedom of the Hills' for possible eventual and unavoidable glacier traverse


If you think you're about equal, or a little more or less advanced in your professional and/or mountain career thus far, don't hesitate to message me--we'll probably both be learning/practicing the new skills we want to learn. If you're much more advanced, message me if you think I would play a good support role, want good company/conversation, and not be a liability to your team. And of course, if you're currently also in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact me about carpooling!


Healthcare/Biotech Equity Markets Professional (biochem @ UCSD, medicine @ Northwestern, finance @ CFAI) getting his weekend warrior adrenaline fix from hiking/mountaineerin­g/running/biking/kay­aking whenever possible

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