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I don't like albums, but I created this one to temporarilly store a few pictures from the nice area of Vercors Group.

Vercors is a quite big mountain group of Western Pre-Alps. Its main spine hosts a number of nice, panoramic summits, reaching altitudes up to 2400 meters. Most of the area is in a form of high plateaus, wonderful for hiking. Into those plateaus deep canyons are cut, offering challenging climbing. As the whole massif is made primarilly of limestone, there is abundance of karst phaenomena. Especially some of the caves are very beautiful and also among the deepest in Europe. A special attraction are also some wild roads, cut directly into the cliffs of canyons. So, you can use those panoramic roads to enrich the approach to higher regions.

When a decent page of Vercors is created on SummitPost, I will attach these pictures there and delete this album.

External Links

On Wikitravel, there is a very good page, describing the whole masif: Vercors on Wikitravel.


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