Vetta Bella / Lepa glava Normal Route

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Italy, Europe
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Summer, Fall
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Half a day
Steep scrambling, one easy climbing detail

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Vetta Bella / Lepa glava Normal Route
Created On: Sep 12, 2007
Last Edited On: Mar 2, 2014

Rating the Route (By Hiking Standards)

The grading system for hiking and scrambling routes is here.

0. General: From 989m to 2049m, exposition S and E. Till Rif. Brunner broad, easy marked path, then steep and narrow, on one or two places also exposed marked path. Nowhere protected. One short section of easy climbing (some 6 meters). A safe step is needed, steeper grassy slopes can be slippery in wet conditions. Gear: Good shoes and hiking poles.

1. Effort: cca 1060m, 3h.
2. Power: 3 - Medium, but just on one place.
3. Psyche: 3 - Medium.
4. Orientation: 2 - Easy.

Getting There

You park on the road from Tarvisio/Trbiz to Sella Nevea / Nevejsko sedlo, near the bridge over Rio Bianco / Beli potok. See the main page.

Route Description

From the road a good path, marked as No. 625 leads you above the creek towards the north. In the creek there are nice ponds to take a bath! Later the path crosses the creek and through the woods we reach the Brunner hut, 1432m. Good 1h till here.

By the hut the arrow and 'Vetta Bella' inscription (2007) guides you on the path, which first descends to the creek, and crosses it. On the other side it goes reliably up the slope, all the time towards the north. After approaching the first rocks of Vetta Bella / Lepa glava, the path goes more towards the right, but still mainly in the vicinity of a distinct ravine. Soon it ascends the ridge above the big ravine descending down below the high, steep south wall of Cima delle Cenge / Visoka polica.

Vetta Bella / Lepa glava normal route
The easy climbing step

A bit higher the only climbing place awaits us. It is a short rocky step which requires a few meters of UIAA I climbing. If we want, we can also detour this rocky part. Go by narrow passages horizontally towards the right and then climb up with a considerable help of dwarf pine branches.

The dwarf-pines tunnel
The dwarf-pine tunnel

After the rocky step the path leads us steeply up the slope. We soon cross a shallow rocky ravine and enter a steep dwarf pine slope. There the path is cut directly up - it looks almost like a tunnel through the greenery. Funny climbing indeed! On this ascent we can orient in a lower visibility by the two distinct rock towers close to the notch between Vetta Bella / Lepa glava and Cima delle Cenge / Visoka polica. The path goes just below them and then by a steep ravine left of them almost to the main ridge.

By the rocky towers the upper, predominantly grassy slope begins. Our path leads us reliably left across the slope and in switchbacks up. So we reach the edge of the slope on the left, there turn up towards the summit and by a still good path over the summit rocks on top. From Rif. Brunner some 3 hours.

You descend by the same route.

Vetta Bella / Lepa glava Normal Route

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