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Abruzzo, Italy, Europe
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Walk-up/EE - escursione esperti = excursion for experts, (because of the length)

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Via normale
Created On: Sep 16, 2002
Last Edited On: Apr 3, 2004


The approach to the trailhead at the Majelletta is described on the main page.

Route Description

Majelletta (1995 m) - Monte Cavallo (2171 m) - Monte Focalone (2676 m) - Tre Portoni (2653 m) - Monte Amaro (2793 m), following the sentiero (route) number 1

time required: Majelletta - Monte Amaro 4.00 hours. Monte Amaro - Majelletta 3.00 hours. (For good hikers)

Dénivelée de montée (total elevation gain): because of lots of minor peaks, which you have to pass, and countless ups and downs the total dénivelée de montée is around 1350 metres.

At the beginning of the route from the Majelletta you can choose between two different routes. You can take either of them because after some minutes of walk they'll meet each other again. In the first hour the route only gains a few metres of elevation. After having passed Monte Cavallo (2171 m) you'll find a little spring where you can get water (only in summer, due to the fact that the water runs very slow out of the spring it takes its time to fill ones bottle, especially when there are other persons, so I recommend to take along enough water for the whole trip). After the spring the route begins to steepen. In a very direct line, following the main ridge, the route leads to the top of Monte Focalone (2676 m, 2 hours from Majelletta). There is also a way which runs east of the ridge (not that steep) but in my eyes you'd only waste your time by taking it. From now on you'll have to pass some minor peaks. Remaining on the main ridge you touch the summits of Cima Pomilio (2656 m), Tre Portoni (2653 m) and finally Monte Amaro (2793 m, 4 hours from the Majelletta). [short after the top of Cima Pomilio (indicated) the route splits, remain on the route which continues to drop and don't go on Top of Monte Rotondo (2658 m)]. In good weather conditions the orientation is no problem because after having reached Monte Focalone you can see the obvious red bivouac on top of Monte Amaro.

Essential Gear

In summer Monte Amaro reqiures only the strong will to reach the summit. Monte Amaro means "the bitter mountain", what makes clear that you'll have to suffer a little bit before reaching the top. Sticks could be a usefull help.

Of course in winter the ascent is not that easy and under special conditions (storm or very cold temperature) you'll need the help of crampons. I would also recommend to take along a rope because the main ridge can partly become very sharp in winter (even if you won't see any italian with a rope up there)

Miscellaneous Info

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pippo52 - Sep 8, 2004 9:50 am - Hasn't voted

Route Comment

I suggest to take a lot of water with you in this ascent, in the summer the wheater can be very hot during the day but , at the same time, very cold in the night!

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