via North Loop Trail

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Nevada, United States, North America
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Half a day
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via North Loop Trail
Created On: Apr 4, 2005
Last Edited On: Apr 4, 2005


- From the Trail Canyon trailhead: Follow the well-maintained trail for about 2 miles until it reaches an obvious junction with the North Loop Trail. The junction is signed. From there, hang a right (not toward Cockscomb Ridge, the prominent ridge to your right, but toward the southern end of Mummy Mountain) and start following the well-traveled North Loop Trail as it initially heads downward slightly and then heads toward the east.

(Note: Water can be found if you hang a left at the junction and follow the North Loop Trail northward for a mile or so to Cave Spring. Treat the water before you drink it.)

After a mile or so, you will pass below the obvious toe of Mummy Mountain and come to an extremely large bristlecone pine on the left. The bristlecone pine, which lies right off of the trail and is frequently the site of hikers' lunch breaks, is probably the largest I've ever seen and is well-known as "The Raintree". This location also serves as the junction with the Mummy Springs Trail.

(Note: By hanging a left (north) on the Mummy Springs Trail, one will soon come to the spring, a potential water source, if needed. Treat the water before consuming.)

Look for a use-trail in the vicinity (just to the east, if memory serves me correctly) of the Raintree. This use trail will lead you to Fletcher Peak.

- From the North Loop trailhead: Follow the well-worn North Loop Trail as it winds upward toward Mummy's Toe, an obvious feature at the southern end of Mummy Mountain. After about 3 miles (maybe a tad less), you will reach the aforementioned "Raintree". Look for the use trail I mentioned above.

Route Description

The journey is almost over.

From the start of the use trail, Fletcher Peak is the obvious peak a short distance away to the south. You only have a couple hundred feet of gain and maybe 1/3 mile to go.

Follow the use trail over class 1 and 2 terrain toward the mountain. If you lose the trail, don't worry - your objective is clear and the terrain is simple.

Fletcher Peak has two summits which are only a couple of minutes away from each other. Both can be reached by class 2 terrain. I recall the south one being slightly higher.

Roundtrip numbers:
- from Trail Canyon: approx. 7 miles / 2800 ft gain
- from the North Loop trailhead: approx. 6 1/2 miles / 2000 ft gain

Essential Gear

The usual and necessary hiking gear in summer. The usual cold weather climbing gear in winter. As always, be prepared for potentially severe conditions in any month of the year.

Water is available from either of the two approaches described but the sources are a short distance off of the route.