Views of Piz Scerscen

Views of Piz Scerscen

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is a big massif ...

with rock on the South (Italian) side and firn and ice on the north

(Swiss) side.

It goes from SW to NE, from the Porta da Roseg to the Bernina ...

(Rahel Maria Liu)
  • Bianco-ridge to Piz Bernina (left), Piz Scerscen (middle) and Piz Roseg (right) - Photo by Rahel Maria Liu

  • The huge south walls of Piz Roseg and Monte Scerscen (Photo by Gabriele)

  • Piz Scerscen (Photos by, Helmut Dodel and gabriele)

  • Piz Scerscen (Photo by Cyrill)

  • Piz Scerscen and Piz Roseg (Photo by Rahel Maria Liu)

  • Piz Bernina, Piz Scerscen and Piz Roseg - seen from the NW, from the Roseg Valley (Photo by rgg)

Piz Bernina - Piz Scerscen and Ice Nose - Piz Roseg

Piz Scerscen - a big massif with rock and ice
    Bernina Group at sunrise - Entire Bernina Group seen from Pizzo Scalino (Photo by Pcirani):

    Piz Roseg (3937 m), Piz Scersen (3901 m), Piz Bernina (4049 m), Cresta Guzza (3869 m), Bellavista (3922 m), Fuorcla Bellavista (3688 m). In the middle Rear, Piz Zupò (3996 m)

* On the way to the Ice nose and Piz Scerscen

North (Swiss) Side and South (Italian) Side (photos by Rahel Maria Liu and Marlenka)
  • Piz Scerscen (Photo by marco979)

North Side - Piz Bernina, Piz Scerscen, Piz Roseg (Photos by Rahel Maria Liu)

South Side - The Giants of Lombardia: Piz Roseg, Piz Scerscen, Piz Bernina (Photos by gabriele)


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