Waterfall @ Ettaler Mühle

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Bavaria, Germany, Europe
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Ice Climbing
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Half a day
WI 4

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Waterfall @ Ettaler Mühle
Created On: Oct 27, 2006
Last Edited On: Sep 26, 2007


This Waterfall is at the Ettaler Mühle in the Ammergau Alps Group near the village Ettal and Oberammergau.
In this area are a lot of possibilities for ice climbing, you can see the frozen Waterfalls from the streets and the park ranges.
This area is also knows for the good cross-country skiing routes.

Getting there

Coming from Austria taking the B 23 towards north and pass Garmisch.
In Oberau turn left to Ettal and Oberammergau.
Leaving Ettal turn left at the first road and take the first park range after a few hundred meters at the right side of the road.
From this park range at the Restaurant Ettaler Mühle you can see some nice ice routes.
The best way is crossing the street and going straight to the icefall, you have to cross the cross-country skiing routes so please take care of the people skiing and
do not destroy the loipe.
Walking beside the loipe doesnt bother the athletes and you have an easy way to walk.
Go left and follow the brook at its left side.
A good Idea is taking some snow shoes with you because the snow in the woods might be very deep and walking without snow shoes is really hard work.
Its no problem to deposite them at the feet of the waterfall.
Waterfall@Ettaler Mühle

Route Description

The waterfall i climbed is devided in four steps.
The first step is an easier one with very good ice, then follows a large plateau where you can make a short rest.
The second length of rope is a little bit more difficult and is climbed at the left side.
the longest length is the third and is a route composed of thick tube ice, the fourth length is another easier one.
For descending watch out for some steel rings to rope down.
The rings are at the right side seen in the ascent in the height of your hips.
On the plateaus between the climbing steps watch out because there is water flowing under the ice and sometimes you can break through a thin ice film.
Take care of the avalanche situation!
Ice Climb

Essential Gear

Full ice climbing equipment, 2 Ice Axes, Crampons, Helmet, Harness, 2 x 60 m ropes, srews
and a good idea for reaching the waterfall through the woods are snowshoes.

Route Ratings

The Route Ratings in this Area are WI 3 to WI 4.
This means:
WI 3: Sustained 70º-80º ice, usually thick and solid. May contain short, steep sections, but will have good resting places and offer good protection and belays. Two tools necessary.
WI 4: Sustained 75º-85º ice, separated by good belays, or a less steep pitch with significant vertical sections. Generally good quality ice, offering satisfactory protection.

Waterfall @ Ettaler Mühle

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