Zavrata from Sibuljina

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VELEBIT/Zadar county, Croatia, Europe
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Half a day

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Created On: Nov 1, 2003
Last Edited On: Nov 1, 2003

About Route

This is ascent which will take you from the coast to Zavrata refuge on Zavrata field. Main feature of the ascent is rock and even more rock, as on any coastal ascent up the seaboard slope of co called 1st step. This route is one of easiest from the coast. It is not steep because path uses many bends to surmount the slopes. Views towards sea are open and beautiful all the time. Vegetation around the path mostly consists of hornbeam bushes with some oaks on spots. In the lower section there is lot of Klen which is a type of maple. Starting point of the route is Sibuljina village, 10km from Starigrad Paklenica, in Rijeka direction. Just after passing ‘Sibuljina’ plate by the road there is a long straight section of the road through the village. First macadam road that turns right after straight section begins is where route begins. Park somewhere around, by the main road or higher up the macadam road.

Sibuljina – Zavrata: 2-2.30h

After turning right from the main road macadam heads straight uphill few hundred meters than slightly winds through upper village houses. After 10mins road becomes a rough rocky slope as you continue to follow the marks. After crossing over another macadam road which ascends from left marks reach steeper slope. Over the rock and by the rocky fence on the left path ascends. Than it turns left going between rocky fences, than again right as you reach large oaks. Between them build paths ascends, on places even with steps. After 30mins from the village path reaches plateau above climbed step.

After slight downhill section and passing by the rocky fence, ascent begins again, now gradual. In next 20mins you reach small gorge of dry Kozjaca creek and cross over it. Now main section of the climb begins. Path winds uphill in many bends and after some 50mins reaches a small pass on the slope above Kozjaca gorge, which is left bellow. Take a last look towards sea because you won’t see much of it on the rest of the way.

Path now slightly descends and in 5mins reaches nice meadow where is a junction. Towards right marks go to Vodena Glava and Vodena Pecina cave. You continue straight across the meadow where climb begins again. This is last step before reaching Zavrata, which you surmount in 15mins.

Beautiful view opens down on Zavrata meadows from highest point of the route. Behind the Zavrata is main ridge of Velebit, with Vilinski Kuk (1401m). What you can’t see is that between it and Zavrata is large space where Pricatrnja Polje and Malo Rujno fields are placed. Take a look back at the sea before descending to Zavrata meadows. Over them and through few small groves you reach Zavrata refuge in 10mins.

Zavrata from Sibuljina

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