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Chicago Basin

Chicago Basin

Chicago Basin

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Below i will post some images from our trip to Chicago Basin over Labor Day weekend. I walked in from the Purgatory Trailhead, which was a lovely walk, about 18 miles in, and my son and brother took the train. They do not allow dogs on the train, therefore the walk, and I did enjoy the solitude. I did not meet anyone until the train crowds got off at Needleton.
Chicago Basin offers tons of peaks to scramble on, including 3 fourteeners and a number of thirteeners, plenty of lonely camping spots and goats everywhere. My brother got nearly licked when he fell asleep in the grass outside our tent.
It is a great area to explore.

We summited during our trip: Sunlight Peak, Windom Peak, Eolus and North Eolus and Jupiter Mountain.

External Links

Chicago Basin Trip Planning Guide

Our trip in the order as we experienced it

Crossing Animas River
Crossing Animas River
Needle Creek Trail
Needle Creek Trailhead - boys got off the train
Waterfall along Needle Creek Trail
Mushroom along the trail
Can we share a campsite?
Mountain goat visiting our campsite
Tired dog
Duchess resting after a long hike in
Outdoor kitchen
Cooking dinner in our outdoor kitchen
Let s rehydrate
Plenty of liquids to rehydrate with
Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes
Trail to Twin Lakes
Trail to Twin Lakes
Beautiful cairns
Beautiful cairns on the trail towards Sunlight
Off to Sunlight
Off to Sunlight
Up Sunlight
Up towards Sunlight's summit
Exposed move
Exposed move on Sunlight's summit block
Hooray on the summit
Summit block of Sunlight
Below the main summit block
Below the summit block, Windom in the back
Climber on Sunlight Spire
Climber on Sunlight Spire
Resting on the top of the Spire
Meditating on Sunlight Spire
Traversing from Sunlight to Windom
Between Sunlight and Windom
Between Sunlight and Windom, Twin Lakes and Eolus in the background
Up Windom
Up Window Peak
View towards Eolus
View towards Eolus from the slopes of Windom
Summit of Windom
Together with my son on the summit
Summit of Windom
Happy on our 2nd 14er of the day
Signing the summit log
Signing the summit registry
Windom Peak summit
Windom's Peak summit
Sunlight Spire
Sunlight Spire as seen from Windom Peak, Grenadiers in the background
Sunlight and Sunlight Spire
Sunlight and Sunllight Spire from the top of Windom Peak
Sunlight Spire
Sunlight Spire detail - as seen from the summit of Windom
American Marten
American Marten
Windom Peak
Descending Windom Peak
Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes with Eolus in the background
Twin Lakes
Duchess hiking towards Twin Lakes
Busy weekend
Labor Day weekend was a busy one in Chicago Basin
Morning yoga
Morning yoga outside our tent
Chipmunk eating his breakfast
Goats on the way to Eolus
Goats on the way up to Eolus
Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes from the trail towards Eolus
Catwalk and Eolus in the background
Catwalk and little exposure
Colorful climbers
Colorful climbers on the catwalk
Below the summit
Below the summit of Eolus
Summit of Eolus
On the summit of Eolus with Grenadiers in the background
Turret and Pigeon Peak
Turret and Pigeon Peak as seen from the summit
Catwalk - the ridge between Eolus and North Eolus.
Climbers on North Eolus
Climbers on the summit of North Eolus
Descending Eolus
Descending Eolus
On the Catwalk
On the Catwalk
Climbers on North Eolus
Climbers on North Eolus
Catwalk detail
Catwalk detail as seen from the slopes of North Eolus
Summit of North Eolus
Summit of North Eolus with my brother
Fat Marmot
Fat Marmot below Eolus
Soaking feet in Twin Lakes
Soaking feet in Twin Lakes
Balancing on 3
Morning Yoga 2
Southern Slopes
Southern Slopes of Jupiter
Duchess hiking up Jupiter
Duchess hiking up Jupiter Mountain
Exposure near the summit
Exposure near the summit
Summit of Jupiter Mountain
Main summit of Jupiter Mountain
Summit of Jupiter Mountain
On the summit of Jupiter Mountain
Narrow Ridge



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