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"No posts exist for this topic"

When I click on "View your posts" in Forums, then on the last page of a thread, get the message "No posts exist for this topic". Only when I click the page before (N-1 or sometimes N-2) I get the last messages.
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Please, Please! map on Create Page: image

Creating an image page (up-loading a photo)

The long/lat pointer on the map is always in Mexico! I have to move it every single time to Europe to then find the location for my photo.
How can I get it to stay in Spain?! If I click the star in the middle of the arrows - it jumps right back to Mexico.
I'm getting very weary of all this travelling!

thanks, j
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SP lettering down sized?

Am I seeing things, (well that's for sure in any case) but the lettering just got smaller on SP. Harder to read. How come? :o
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When (and how) to upload images for trip report

I get adding the text; does the trip report have to be created before you can upload images and get image #s to add to (or edit) the text? Because I can't insert an image while I'm adding text.

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Creating a page and saving in draft - possible?

Hi guys. I've read FAQ but...

I'd like to write a trip report but sure I'm going to take ages doing it. The text is written in word so can be pasted in, but the refining - text, colour, adding photos etc - will probably take time.

Can I save a draft and come back later or does it all have to be done in one go?

saludos, j
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Bob Burd, Aaron Johnson and Dave K appreciation thread

I just wanted to publicly thank Bob Burd and Aaron Johnson for the work they have done as elves on SP over the years, and hope others will join me in doing so.

What a crazy website this is sometimes :) Umm, all the time :lol:

edit: added Dave K too
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creation date

I suppose it would be easy to implement, to make the creation date of an object change to the current date, when an album or a custom object is turned into a peak or a range (only in this direction, not the opposite).
Why ? Because many of us start a draft of a mountain, it takes few days, and when we sumbit it, it doesn't appear in what's new unless we do it again ...
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Server problems

Response time is painfully slooooooowwww tonight for everything, images, forums, creating pages. Having server problems?
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TR/Religious rant

mmitten put up a trip report/religious rant. It seemed inappropriate.


Is this the correct spot for this?
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About the "Delete this page" link

I wish the "delete this page" link were in a less "dangerous" spot...when using an iPhone or an iPad, it's so easy to touch it by accident. Of course there's the pop-up that asks you: "Are you sure you want to delete this page - yes - no", but sometimes, on iPhones and other touch-screen devices, it can freeze just at that moment, you have to quit Safari, and when you re-open it, the page ...
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