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Reports for current conditions?

Hi all,
Summitpost is a great reference, but when I want to know what's been happening in a local mountain range in the last couple of weeks, I have to go to another site. In the PNW, CA or CO, that's pretty easy because those regions each have one well-known site with recent reports. The situation in the Eastern Alps though is a mess! Bergtour.ch, bergsteigen.at, and a handful of German and Italian sites have ...
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Re: which are a "rock" entity

No. You make no sense.
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dictionary we started it

again... why do you have ads in your post?
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How to post a graph/chart?

Hey guys, got a question for ya.
How do I post a chart showing something?
Here is the link that I am trying to post from. I want the graph/chart, showing the youngest circumnavigators, but when I do the copy/paste, it copies it in a different format, and without the lines on the chart. I've seen plenty of other graphs, etc. that people have posted, so I know there's a way. . .
The ...
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Spammer Sweetkis

I received this PM from Sweetkis. Please nuke her.

hopefully this mail will find you in a perfect state of mind and good
condition of health.how are you today i hope that every things is ok with
you as it is my pleasure to contact you after viewring your profile and see
your personal definitions which i personally find interest on it.i decided
to have communication with you ,if you will have the desire with ...
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Image posting error: insert_column_data() failed: DB Error:


We're getting that error again where an image takes forever to load, then the error reads

insert_column_data() failed: DB Error: no database selected

(URL still reads: http://www.summitpost.org/edit_object.php)

and the image is represented by a "red x of death." Looking at the newest images on SP, it appears my issue is not isolated.

Let me know if you need additional trouble-shooting info.


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Stangeness with photo appearance/disappearance

Not a big issue but I'm curious to know why a particular photo appears on a page at night but shows up as an x during the day??? Photo in question is #612214 on page #612206, "Some thoughts on early season travel". Seems quite bizzare to me??
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What is worth a separate Mountain Page since SPv1?

So I'm FINALLY going back through and revising all of my mountain and route pages to make the formats more complete, standardized, and up-to-date, especially since the potentials and standards of SPv2 are much different than in SPv1.

In SPv1 people were much more 'stingy' about submitting excessive mountain pages when there were two close summits with little prominence, and in the Wasatch what was done was we lumped the peaks into one mountain page. ...
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Adopting my pages

My activity on SP is almost nil these days. SP has changed (for the better for most, not for me - I would say it got a bit too diluted), and has less appeal to me as it used to. Also, my interests have shifted.
I would like to see my pages being taken over by somebody who can maintain them better:


- Nevado de los Piuquenes: http://www.summitpost.org/mountain/rock/155371/Nevado-de-los-Piuquenes.html
- Cerro San Francisco: http://www.summitpost.org/mountain/rock/154382/Cerro-San-Francisco.html ...
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