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TR/Religious rant

mmitten put up a trip report/religious rant. It seemed inappropriate.


Is this the correct spot for this?
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About the "Delete this page" link

I wish the "delete this page" link were in a less "dangerous" spot...when using an iPhone or an iPad, it's so easy to touch it by accident. Of course there's the pop-up that asks you: "Are you sure you want to delete this page - yes - no", but sometimes, on iPhones and other touch-screen devices, it can freeze just at that moment, you have to quit Safari, and when you re-open it, the page ...
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Just arrived at this site and its rather overwhelming with so much going on. There's probably a help section somewhere, but I'm going to be lazy and ask you guys.

As the title says. How? I've just up-loaded a pic and I'd prefer to change it to a better version. At the same time, I've made a typo in the description.

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this seems like my inds of place

Is it possible to change your user ID on Summit Post? IS it a simple button I can't find or do I have to ask the mysterious Elves? If so how cqan I contact them?
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Improvement: Vote list

I understand that the site developers are eagerly waiting for suggestions for improvements. :shock:

Here is one:

An option on the profile page that lists votes given to ones contributions ordered by date.
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Is it possible to link gear to users?

I think it is a very good thing people are able to link mountains and routes to there profile page, in this way it is possible to send them a pm about a route, a crux move, weather, camping, ...

Can the same thing be done with the gear section?

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Image Gallery Problems

When I go to look at my image gallery, I start to view my images and it says "viewing #1 of 8, #2 of 8, #3 of 8" and then it tells me "you are at the last image" without viewing the remaining photos in my image gallery. If I physically go back my Image page, I can click on the 5th photo in my gallery, and view only images 5 through 8 before it ...
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How do I delete a picture that has no option for editing???

I have a "photo" in my gallery that doesn't have an image associated with it. I would delete it, however when I click on the photo there is no "orange edit bar" that would give me the option for deleting the image. Any help would be appreciated.

http://www.summitpost.org/image/226920/ ... -peak.html
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Rackspacecloud problems

The image server is crawling today. Is anyone else having trouble viewing images??
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HTML tips to share with others.

I got the idea for this thread from another going on at the moment, and thought it be good to have one dedicated to sharing bits of code or tricks that you think others might find useful, rather than waiting for folks to ask about something. Most of us don't actually know much HTML (I knew none a year ago) and this might be useful for both new and more experienced folks who might run ...
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