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creation date

I suppose it would be easy to implement, to make the creation date of an object change to the current date, when an album or a custom object is turned into a peak or a range (only in this direction, not the opposite).
Why ? Because many of us start a draft of a mountain, it takes few days, and when we sumbit it, it doesn't appear in what's new unless we do it again ...
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Server problems

Response time is painfully slooooooowwww tonight for everything, images, forums, creating pages. Having server problems?
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TR/Religious rant

mmitten put up a trip report/religious rant. It seemed inappropriate.


Is this the correct spot for this?
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About the "Delete this page" link

I wish the "delete this page" link were in a less "dangerous" spot...when using an iPhone or an iPad, it's so easy to touch it by accident. Of course there's the pop-up that asks you: "Are you sure you want to delete this page - yes - no", but sometimes, on iPhones and other touch-screen devices, it can freeze just at that moment, you have to quit Safari, and when you re-open it, the page ...
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Just arrived at this site and its rather overwhelming with so much going on. There's probably a help section somewhere, but I'm going to be lazy and ask you guys.

As the title says. How? I've just up-loaded a pic and I'd prefer to change it to a better version. At the same time, I've made a typo in the description.

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this seems like my inds of place

Is it possible to change your user ID on Summit Post? IS it a simple button I can't find or do I have to ask the mysterious Elves? If so how cqan I contact them?
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Improvement: Vote list

I understand that the site developers are eagerly waiting for suggestions for improvements. :shock:

Here is one:

An option on the profile page that lists votes given to ones contributions ordered by date.
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Is it possible to link gear to users?

I think it is a very good thing people are able to link mountains and routes to there profile page, in this way it is possible to send them a pm about a route, a crux move, weather, camping, ...

Can the same thing be done with the gear section?

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Image Gallery Problems

When I go to look at my image gallery, I start to view my images and it says "viewing #1 of 8, #2 of 8, #3 of 8" and then it tells me "you are at the last image" without viewing the remaining photos in my image gallery. If I physically go back my Image page, I can click on the 5th photo in my gallery, and view only images 5 through 8 before it ...
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How do I delete a picture that has no option for editing???

I have a "photo" in my gallery that doesn't have an image associated with it. I would delete it, however when I click on the photo there is no "orange edit bar" that would give me the option for deleting the image. Any help would be appreciated.

http://www.summitpost.org/image/226920/ ... -peak.html
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