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Profile Picture

I wrote a pm to head master Gangolf about this but he seems to be out of office. Does anyone else know?

"I remember you wrote how to change ones profile picture to another one, one already has uploaded to SP. But I forgot how to do it, can you help?"
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question marks still not correctly escaped in all places

1. Click the signature photo of this album: That's a trail??
The problem is the question marks - SP automatically translates them to dashes (or to nothing at all) in most places, but not here.

2. View any photo within that album, then click the album name ("that's a trail??") in the gallery preview on the right side of the page.
Same problem.
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Thank you feature

I like it! I think it reminds people that the purpose of the various forums are to assist others with information that can be useful to their climbing/hiking and various back county inquiries. But is it the new SP crack? I can already see the need for recognition brewing to a boil. Will the person with the most thanks actually be the most helpful? Is this the idea? Hey, are we getting any points for ...
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Is it OK to create pages about peaks you haven't climbed?

Talking of mountains that are accessible to anybody, not those which are off-limits for some reason (nature conservation, war, etc.).
I don't think so, based on what Orphanage says. (The reason for me asking this question is that I find it fun :D to create a page about a mountain I like but I feel I’ve been robbed of some of this kind of fun by ...
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how do i get my images

completely deleted from this place? I know that you can delete profiles but the images tend to stay on folks pages. Do i have to delete every single one myself? just wondering. Cause my best contributions are my images and some even published. I don't one speck of my work left on this site.

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Trip reports sorted by date Trip reports sorted by date

It would be good or at least havina a tool for sorting by trip reports by date. I've wondered it when trying to find Mont Blanc trip reports done in summer 2010
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Forum name change request

Dear Elves,

I would like to see the name of a forum on this site being changed into something more historically appropriate:

Could you please consider changing the name "Off-Route" in to "Prate and Prattle"?

Thanks in advance,
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Leaving SP?

Are you thinking about leaving SP but are willing to leave behind your pages so others may continue to use them?

First, do you really have to delete your account? Why not just become inactive? There may come a time when you decide you want to resume activity here. In the meantime, if any of your pages need updating, others can adopt them. Deleting your pages could also have organizational effects; for example, deleted areas ...
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Meduim Sized Portrait Photos

I notice that in my pages that the medium sized portrait photos are now much smaller than when I originally created them. Is this a permanent change?

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Largest Photo Size? (Problem Uploading Photo)

So I keep trying to upload a megacomposite photo I made showing some routes on Bear Creek Spire. Every time I try to upload the photo, the upload screen uploads for awhile, then directs me to a blank page (except for the SP header & footer). I keep trying to upload this particular photo with no success.

Any thoughts?

Specs are: 4881x 5676 (9.56 MB)

If the problem is one of image size, I wonder ...
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