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Thanks for removing empty (virtual) posts

In the old days, many threads were made difficult to use by the fact that, when someone was deleted, their posts, while deleted, were still influencing the counting of posts in the system. The worst example was the 11,000 thread, which had ten empty pages at the end, making it almost impossible to post in it.

With the remake, all these empty pages has disappeared!


Regrettably, this also means that the arrow figures ...
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Report Bugs Here

Please use this thread to report bugs and other issues that have appeared since the upgrade. It is easier to keep track of things when there is just one thread.
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Private Message Deletion

I have deleted a good portion of my received PMs that are over a year old. The ones I would like to save I moved to the Archive Box. Will those messages stored in the Archives Box escape deletion or are the Elves deleting ALL messages over one year old?
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"back" button scrolling weirdly

When you click on someone, a gallery of their images comes up. click on any image. you are sent to a closeup of that image. everything is fine until you hit the back button. It brings you back to the previous page fine, but immediately auto scrolls all the way down to the bottom of the user's profile.....

minor annoyance

BTW, THANKS for all your hard work.
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Forum - new "thanks" feature

How long before folk are writing to the Elves complaining that they haven't received thanks for a forum post? :wink:
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Profile pick on the forum

Where do we want to place our profile info?
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New style for the SP-forum

Please add your vote ...

Can an elve make this a sticky?


All other styles can be found here:

Will edit post to add your option!
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PHPBB3 style feedback

Looking forward to new capabilities, currently getting used to the new layout.

Somehow the thread titles seem harder to scan - different font? Too strongly-drawn dividing lines between rows? Is the author's name bigger or in a different position now?

The scrolling-newsprint animated icons in the left column are *very* distracting. For those who share my tastes and are impatient, here's how to block all animated gifs in Firefox:

http://kb.mozillazine.org/Firefox_:_Tip ... ...
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Thank you button on the forum

I really like that feature, makes people give better replies on the forum
Now I think we need a "can I slap you in the face" button as well!
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New forum - problems

Let's keep this topic clean of bullshit and comments on certain posts ...

- PM-function ain't working, new messages are displayed but not posted in PM database of the SP-system
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