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Samograd cave
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Samograd cave

Samograd cave

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Location: Croatia, Europe

Lat/Lon: 44.64310°N / 15.35190°E

Object Type: cave

Object Title: Samograd cave

County: Lika-Senj


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Sparkling crystals
sparkling particles
Samograd is a karst show cave.

It is located in the Central Velebit inland forehills area,
on the eastern slopes of Mt Grabovaca (772m),  2 1/2 km west of the town Perusic.

Mountain itself is squeezed betven Lika river on the west and the Perusic karst field
 (Perusicko polje) on the east side.

Cave is a single passage, 233m long and 54m deep.
The path from the entrance is leading down through four large halls,
bypassing various calcite forms; stalactites, stalagmites,
icicle-form pillars and 2 sinter bridges
were the path leads through massive formations of flowstone,
so visitors walk under a bridge of sinter.

The cave entrance is located at 675m above sea level,
in the elliptical karst sinkhole (vrtaca) formed by the collapse of a part of the cave.
The descent into the cave is down the concrete stairs,
the advancement through the cave goes along stone stairs and pathways.

As there is no other exit, one has to go back via the same route.

  • cave length: 233m / 764ft
  • cave depth: 54m / 177ft
  • tour length: 466m / 1529ft
  • duration: 40 min
  • height difference 83m / 272ft
    470 steps
  • light:   electric by diesel aggregate
  • temperature: 8 °C / 46 ºF
Gear required:
clothing adequate for 1/2 hour inside the cave at sub 10 °C,
rubber sole (its slippery inside), headtorch is an useful asset.


Underground graffiti
graffiti from 1835.
In the interior of the cave fragments of ceramic containers
and human bones were found dating from the late Bronze Age,
as well as the Iron Age (from the 12th century to the 1st century B.C.).

It was probably used as constant or occasional refuge.

Cave was first described by J. Fras,
the school supervisor of Karlovac borderland in 1850.

A Board for the regulation of Samograd cave was founded in 1866
- considered to be the first speleological society in Croatia.

The pathways and stairs through Samograd were thoroughly arranged in 1903.

Around 1910 the first making of a geodetic draft began.
In 1911 first plan of the cave was published,
together with the first cadastre of 156 caves of Lika and Krbava County.

The cave itself was visited continually over centuries
by the villagers.

Approx halfway through the cave, on a single stalagmite,
surnames of Austrian officers from the Gospic regiment are inscribed,
as well as the year of their visit - 1835.
Today this would be called graffitti vandalism,
but because of the age it is regarded archaeological and historic evidence.

Getting There

Samograd cave on the road map
road map
Getting to Perusic trailhead:
  • by car:
    state road D-50 between Otočac and Gospić, till the town of Perušić
    A1 motorway Zagreb-Split, exit Perušić

  • by train:
    train stop Perusic, then walk

    Croatian Railways query

  • by coach:
    All coach lines between Gospic and inlands stop at Perusic.

    Cave Park is located about 2,5 km / 1.55 miles from the Perušić centre.

    To reach it, drive or walk southwest, direction Lika river to the Kaniza hamlet.
    From here it is a 20 minutes walk, by following the single lane road to the west
    through a meadow first, then through forest.

Red Tape

Samograd cave on the hybrid satellite map
satellite view
Samograd is part of the Grabovaca Cave Park (Pecinski park Grabovaca),
a protected area of 1.5km².

Every form of leaving traces in the cave,
signatures, damages, annihilation and removal of icicles, fossil or archaeological findings,
is strictly prohibited and legally sanctioned.

Beneath Samograd cave there are five other caves there:
  • Medina Špilja (Bear's Cave,length 63m),
  • Amidžina Cave (length 60m)
  • Velika Kozarica (Large Goat Pen, length 30m)
  • Mala Kozarica (Small Goat Pen, length 12m)
    and Tabakuša (length 50m)
    and one hole - Slipica Jama (Slipica Hole, depth 40m)

    All of the caves are located on the Mt. Grabovaca eastern slopes
    and relatively easy to visit, most having some stairs and paths.

    Slipica is a vertical hole and entrance is by abseiling.

    Visiting the caves is possible during the spring, summer and autumn season.

    Tours are made only by appointment and with Cave Park guide.

    The price of a ticket for Samograd is 20 Croatian Kuna
    for children, students (up to 26y.o.), disabled persons and pensionists.
    Adults fare is 30 Kuna.

    Cave park Grabovača
    Trg Marka Mesića 2

    Phone: +385 053 679 233
    mobile: 099 212 7587
    tour guide: 098 952-6556
    email: pp.grabovaca@gs.t-com.hr



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Underground graffiti