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Scott's Wish List-Mountains and Rocks
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Scott's Wish List-Mountains and Rocks

Scott\'s Wish List-Mountains and Rocks

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My Wish List-Mountains and Rocks

This is my wish list of the top mountains I hope to climb within my lifetime. I listed only the ones which I feel are realistic goals for me as I can’t see myself ever climbing something like K2 or Gasherbrum IV. All these are hopefully in reach and I hope to get as many as I can, though my family (wife+kids) are my #1 responsibility and their needs come first.

Mountains were selected for various reasons. Some are on the list simply because they are beautiful, some are on the list because they would be a great challenge for me, some are on the list because they are easy enough that I can climb with my wife and kids, some are on the list for their history, some are on the list just for the heck of it. Some were nearly completed before the list was made, but the highest point was not stood on (these are marked with an *), thus they were put on the list as being unfinished business. Some of the peaks on the list are well known and some are very little known, so there are a variety of peaks that I want to climb. The list is hardly comprehensive as there are many other mountains I want to climb as well and undoubtedly I'll find a lot more to climb as time passes.

Note: This list only includes the wish list since this page was created. Previously, I have already completed many mountains which were on old wish list, thus there is an absence of peaks listed in my favorite areas (since I've already completed them).

Other than the remaining Colorado 14ers, Utah 13ers and Utah 12ers I want to complete (some of which left aren't the most impressive of the local peaks), the list below is quite random.

The Top 25 list was created on September 10 2007; the list was expanded to 700 after this so only mountains that I still haven't/hadn't completed to those dates are on the list below.

When I complete each of the mountains on this list, it will be noted with a date. There are more mountains I'd like to climb someday, but I probably won't expand the list as there is enough on it.

My Other Wish List

Slot Canyons

Hikes (mostly long distance)



1Khan Tengri (Kyrgyzstan) 
Morning lights over Khan-Tengry... 
2Ama Dablam (Nepal) 
Ama Dablam
3Pik Lenin (Kyrgyzstan) 
Pik Lenin 
4 Antarctica-anything 
Mount Erebus, Antarctica ... 
5Ojos del Salado (Chile/Argentina)-Attempted January 26 2016  
6Ararat (Turkey) 
The view from the foot of... 
7Shisha Pangma (Tibet) 
Xixa seen from the plains of...
8Ausangate (Peru) 
The North Face of Auzangate,... 
9Cartstenz Pyramid (Indonesia) 
Climbing the summitridge,... 
10Illampu (Bolivia)  
Illampu from Ancohuma 
11Cerro Tronador (Chile/Argentina) 
Chilean summit 
12Mount Kazbek (Russia/Georgia) 
13Mount Jefferson (Oregon) 
Sunset glow off Mount... 
14Mount Rainier (Washington)-Climbed July 7 2013 
Rainier Summit at sunrise
15Mount Bona (Alaska)
16Jagged Mountain (Colorado) 
Jagged Mountain morning... 
17Lizard Head Peak (Colorado) 
Lizard Head. An amazing climb... 
18Mount Washington-winter (New Hampshire) 
A view from Carter Dome to... 
19Mount Robson (British Columbia) 
Robson s Emperor Face 
20Grand Teton (Wyoming) 
Teton Alpenglow 
21Fan Si Pan (Vietnam) 
Back side of Fansipan Range 
22Volcán Maipo (Chile/Argentina) 
Camp 1, 4200 m (13800 ft) on... 
23El Plomo (Chile) 
Leonera y Plomo 
24Mulanje (Malawi) 
Rainbow over Mulanje Massif 
25Cerro Celaque (Honduras)-Climbed December 25 2008 
Kessler s 100th Mountain 
26Alpamayo (Peru) 
Evening Light on Alpamayo
27Mount Cameroon (Cameroun) 
Mount Etinde (right) with Mount Cameroon beyond 
28Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) 
 the great Barranco Wall... 
29Mount Pulog (Philippines) 
Outlook to NW from Mt. Pulag 
30Mount Kinabalu (Malaysia) 
View of Kota Kinabalu from below 
31Kala Pattar (Nepal)-Climbed December 24 2012 
Pumori from Kala Pattar 
32Granite Peak (Montana) 
Granite Peak 
33Peak 7071 (Colorado) 
West side of Peak 7071 
34Mount Foraker (Alaska) 
35Mount Assiniboine (British Columbia/Alberta) 
36Patterson Peak (Idaho) 
Patterson Peak from the SE... 
37Borah Peak (Idaho)-Climbed September 6 2015 
Summit of Borah Peak
38Devils Tower (Wyoming) 
Summer is the most popular... 
39Mount Fairweather (Alaska/British Columbia) 
Mt. Fairweather at Sunset
40 Pik Pobeda(Kyrgyzstan) 
Pobeda s north face from base camp 
41Pik Kommunizma (Tajikistan) 
Peak Kommunizma in sunset...
42Cerro Aconcagua (Argentina) 
6:30 am January 1, 2006.... 
43 Muztag Ata (China) 
Mustagh Ata reflection 
44Mount Katahdin-winter (Maine) 
Knifes Edge 
45 Siguniang-one of the summits (China) 
The northeast face of the... 
46Mount Mayon (Philippines) 
Mayon volcano hidden in... 
47 Bugaboo Spire (British Columbia) 
Bugaboo Spire 
48Mount Temple (Alberta)  
Temple Seen From Eiffel 
49Mount Edith Cavell (Alberta) 
Canadian Rockies 
50 Suphan Dagi (Turkey) 
Suphan Dagi massif from the... 


51East Temple Peak (Wyoming)-Climbed September 1 2013 
East Temple Peak
52Crestone Peak (Colorado) 
53Crestone Needle (Colorado) 
Crestone Needle 
54 Snowmass Mountain (Colorado) 
Snowmass Mountain from... 
55Little Bear Peak (Colorado) 
Winter sunset on Little Bear Peak 
56Mount Eolus (Colorado) 
57Sunlight Peak (Colorado) 
58Kit Carson Peak (Colorado) 
Kit Carson & 2  Points  
59Challenger Point (Colorado) 
Nearing top of Challenger Point 
60Mount Lindsey (Colorado)-Climbed September 15 2012 
Lindsey summit 
61Blanca Peak-Ormes Buttress? (Colorado) 
62Ellingwood Point (Colorado) 
63Mount Bulusan (Philippines)
64 Taal Volcano (Philippines)
65Mount Banahao (Philippines)
66Mount Pinatubo (Philippines) 
Pinatubo: Entering rough country 
67Condoriri (Bolivia) 
Condoriri (5648m) 
68Pequeño Alpamayo (Bolivia) 
from tarija summit 
69 Chacaltaya (Bolivia) 
Disappearing glacier 
70Middle Teton (Wyoming) 
Middle Teton 
71South Teton* (Wyoming) 
from lower garnet canyon 
72Mount Owen (Wyoming) 
Mt. Owen 
73The Dome (Colorado)
The Dome
74Dome Spire (Colorado)n/a
75 The Castle* (Colorado) 
Sawtooth Range 
76Mount Ethel (Colorado)-Climbed August 9 2014 
Mount Ethel
77Lost Ranger Peak (Colorado)-Climbed August 9 2014
Lost Ranger Peak
78Catedral (Argentina) 
79Chimney Rock (San Rafael, Utah) 
Chimney Rock 
80Mount Hector-winter (Alberta) 
Mt. Hector from Descent of... 
81Peak 10 (Colorado)-Climbed April 25 2015 
Summit of Peak 10
82Kackar Dagi (Turkey)
83Orizaba (Mexico) 
User Profile Image 
84Mount Challenger (Washington) 
You will encounter Eiley and... 
85Glacier Peak (Washington) 
Glacier Peak from White Mountain 
86Descabezado Grande (Chile/Argentina)
87Mount Holmes* (Utah) 
View southeast 
88Mount Powell (Colorado) 
Mount Powell 
89Huascarán (Peru) 
Chopicalqui, Huascaran Sur, and Huascaran Norte 
90 South Sister (Oregon) 
Taken from the trees just... 
91 Middle Sister (Oregon) 
Moon over Middle Sister 
92Sacajawea Peak (Oregon) 
The Northeast Face 
93 Matterhorn (Oregon) 
The summit of Matterhorn from... 
94 Eagle Cap (Oregon) 
Eagle Cap and moon at dusk... 
95 Orno Peak (Colorado)-Climbed September 20 2015 
Orno Peak Summit
96 Volcán Osorno (Chile/Argentina) 
Volcan Osorno (2680m) 
97 Little Marvine Peak (Colorado) 
98 Big Marvine Peak (Colorado) 
Big Marvine Peak 
99Island Lake Peak-North (Colorado)-Climbed September 5 2016 
Looking north
100Mount Douglas (Montana)n/a


101Baffin Island-anything (Nunavut) 
The N. Tower of Mt. Asgard... 
102Squaretop Mountain (Wyoming)-Attempted August 31 2014  
Square Top Mountain
103Wind River Peak (Wyoming) 
The Ramp>North Face>Wind... 
104Mount Olympus (Washington) 
The Blue Glacier Icefall 
105Mount Shuksan (Washington) 
Summit Pyramid covered with... 
106Mount Baker (Washington)-Climbed June 5 2016 
Mount Baker
107Lassen Peak (California) 
Lassen Peak from Manzanita Lake 
108Thompson Peak (California) 
Upper Canyon Creek Lake 
109Mount Garibaldi (British Columbia) 
Mount Garibaldi 
110Cerro Saslaya (Nicaragua)
111Matterhorn Peak (California) 
The East Couloir of... 
112Toubkal (Morocco) 
Shadow of Toubkal 
113Barre des Ecrins (France) 
Barre des Ecrins, 4100m,  (Alps - France) 
114 Grossglockner (Austria) 
Good Morning Grossglockner 
115Mont Thabor (France) 
Monte Thabor 
116Haute Cime (Switzerland) 
Above Col de Susanfe 
117Eiger (Switzerland) 
Eiger north face 
Wintertime in Greenland 
119 Emory Peak (Texas) 
Sunset on Emory 
120South Rim (Texas) 
South Rim March 05 
121Nui Ba Den (Vietnam)
122Copa (Peru) 
Nevado Copa 
123Pisco (Peru) 
Huandoy from Pisco 
124Licancabur Chile/Bolivia) 
Licancabur as seen from Paso... 
125 Warbonnet (Wyoming) 
126Mount Thielsen (Oregon) 
Mt. Thielsen from the north. 
127Mount Scott (Oregon) 
Mt. Scott from Crater Lake rim 
128Mount Bailey (Oregon) 
Mt. Bailey as seen from Mt.... 
129Huayna Potosi (Bolivia) 
Huayna Potosi, Bolivia 
130 Sajama (Bolivia) 
131Parinacota (Bolivia) 
Parinacota (6330m) 
132Pomerape (Bolivia) 
From the Parinacota 
133Chinese Wall (Montana) 
Chinese Wall 
134Mount Meru (Tanzania) 
Meru Crater seen from the... 
135Pico Bolivar (Venezuela) 
Pico Bolivar from Espejo 
136Volcán Lanin (Chile/Argentina) 
An splendorous mountain 
137Mount Pugh (Washington) 
Mount Pugh during Winter 
138Volcán Marmolejo (Chile/Argentina) 
Going up to camp 2 with Loma Larga and Cerro del Plomo in the background 
139Gold Dust Peak (Colorado) 
Gold Dust Summit View 
140 Peak G (Colorado) 
This ones for Attm. Peak H... 
141 Bison Peak (Colorado) 
Bison Peak 
142 Vestal Peak-Wham Ridge (Colorado) 
Vestal Peak 
143Mount Sopris (Colorado)-Climbed June 29 2014  
Mount Sopris
144 Coxcomb Peak (Colorado) 
Spectacular view of Coxcomb... 
145 Redcliff Peak (Colorado) 
Redcliff and Coxcomb 
146 Bridge Mountain (Nevada) 
Looking east/northeast toward... 
147 Turtlehead Peak (Nevada) 
As viewed from the trail on... 
148 Black Mountain (Nevada)  
Black Mountain 
149Mount Hood (Oregon) 
A nice shot of the Hogsback... 
150 Harney Peak (South Dakota) 


151Peak C (Colorado)
Peak C
152Observation Peak* (Idaho) 
Regan from Observation
153Mount Moran (Wyoming) 
Mt. Moran at start of the day...
154Illimani (Bolivia) 
155Mururata (Bolivia) 
Mururata (5800 m) towering above the Yungas
156Mount Wilhelm (Papua New Guinea)
157Nevado de Colima (Mexico) 
 Nevado de Colima from the...
158W Mountain (Colorado)-Climbed August 9 2015
W Mountain
159La Malinche (Mexico) 
La Malinche as seen from near...
160Iztaccihuatl (Mexico)
Iztaccihuatl as viewed from...
161Paricutín (Mexico) 
Paricutín northwest side
162Cofre de Peorte (Mexico)
Cofre de Perote
163El Toro (Puerto Rico)-Attempted December 24 2011 
Upper Trail
164Dufourspitze (Rosa) (Italy/Switzerland) 
Monte Rosa east face
165El Misti (Peru)-Attempted March 31 2014 
El Misti
166Pichu Pichu (Peru)-Climbed (South) March 28 2014
Pichu Pichu
167Cerro Mulas Muertas (Chile)-Attempted January 21 2016  
Mulas Muertas
168Haulca Hualca (Peru)-Attempted April 4 2014 
Hualca Hualca
169Siete Hermanos (Chile)-Climbed January 19 2016 
170Pilot Peak (Wyoming) 
Pilot Peak
171Mount Blackburn (Alaska)
Blackburn Massif
172Mount Brooks-winter (Alaska) 
Mount Brooks
173Logan Massif (Yukon) 
mtnartman on first lead of...
174Monte Cinto (France) 
Monte Cinto (2706m) as seen...
175Lenana Point (Kenya) 
Pt. Lenana & Lewis Glacier as...
176Mount Kenya (Kenya) 
Nelion (2nd highest point on...
177Hvannadalshnuker (Iceland) 
The glacier, Falljökull. The...
178Galdhopiggen (Norway)
Summit of Galdhøpiggen with the Styggebrean glacier leading off to the right
179Glittertinden (Norway) 
Our camp
180Romsdalshorn (Norway) 
The North Wall is to the left of the right skyline
181Gallatin Peak (Montana) 
Down the East Ridge
182Hilgard Peak (Montana) 
Hilgard and North Hilgard...
183Koch Peak (Montana) 
The southeast ridge of Koch...
184Wetterhorn (Switzerland) 
185Pico Humboldt (Venezuela) 
Pico Humboldt. Photo by Mike...
186Pan de Azúcar (Venezuela) 
187Gros Piton (St. Lucia)-Climbed April 17 2015 
Petit Peton and Gros Piton
188The Quill (St. Eustatuias) 
The Quill
189Mount Terror (Washington) 
This is the north face of...
190Luna Peak (Washington) 
Luna Peak Looking Big
191Mount Fury (Washington) 
This is Fury as seen from...
192La Soufriere (Guadeloupe)
193Tupungato (Chile/Argentina) 
194Cherum Peak (Arizona)
195Mount Scenery (Saba) 
Picture of Saba with the...
196Hyndman Peak* (Idaho) 
Hyndman Peak
197Mount Whitney (California)-Climbed July 3 2015 
198Mont Blanc (France/Italy) 
Mont Blanc upper part from...
199Sheep Mountain (Colorado)-Climbed September 8 2012 
Climbing Sheep Mountain
200Matterhorn (Switzerland/Italy) 
Matterhorn seen from ref. Bobba.


201Chimney Rock (Rabbit Ears Range, Colorado)-Climbed July 12 2014 
Chimney Rock
202Mount Cleveland (Montana) 
Mt. Cleveland from the west 
203Rising Wolf Mountain (Montana) 
A rather unusual perspective... 
204Mount Aspiring (New Zealand) 
Mount Aspiring 
205Taranaki (New Zealand) 
Mount Egmont Taken from the... 
206Ruapehu (New Zealand) 
Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe at sunrise 
207Chhukhung Ri (Nepal)-Climbed December 21 2012 
Chhukung Ri 
208Painter Peak* (Utah) 
Painter Peak (13387) 
209Trail Rider Peak* (Utah) 
Roberts Peak and Trail Rider Peak 
210East Wilson (Utah)  
East Wilson Peak 
211Yard Peak (Utah) 
Yard Peak 
212Red Castle (Utah) 
Red Castle Peak 
213South Yard Peak (Utah) 
View from the Summit Looking Southeast 
214 Paul BM (Utah) 
Paul Benchmark (12307) 
215East Hayden (Utah) 
East Hayden Peak 
216Mount Laurel (Utah) 
Laurel Peak 
217Bluebell Lake Peak (Utah) 
View on ascent to Bluebell Lake Peak (12,260) 
218Mount Untermann (Utah)-Climbed October 6 2012 
Descending the west slopes of... 
219 Pilot Mountain (Utah) 
Pilot Mountain 
220Wooley Peak (Utah) 
Wooley cairn 
221East Delano (Utah)n/a
222Castle Mountain (La Sal, Utah) 
Northern La Sals 
223Haystack Peak (Deep Creek, Utah) 
224Lakeshore Peak (Utah)-Climbed October 6 2012 
View of Lakeshore Peak 
225 Deadman Peak (Utah)
Deadman Peak
226Fox Peak (Utah) 
Queant Lake 
227Delano-Brigham Ridge (Utah)
228La Sal Peak (Utah) 
La Sal Peak 
229Rwensori-anything (Uganda/Congo) 
Mt. Stanley from Plateau 
230 Bald Mountain (Colorado)-Climbed February 16 2014 
Bald Mountain
231Mount Craig (Colorado) 
Mount Craig 
232New York Mountain-winter (Colorado)-Climbed March 13 2016 
New York Mountain 
233Peak 12380 (Gore Range, Colorado)-Attempted December 14 2014
234Jacque Peak-winter (Colorado)-Climbed December 26 2015 
Jacque Peak summit
235Chachani (Peru) 
Chachani rises above Arequipa 
236Diamond Peak (Oregon) 
Approaching the summit of... 
237Pic du Midi d’Ossau (France) 
Pic du Midi d Ossau 
238Organ Needle (New Mexico) 
Little Squaretop and Little Squaretop Massif from Organ Needle  
239Vignemale (France/Spain) 
Vignemale Massif North Face 
240Mount Le Combe (St Lucia)-Attempted April 16 2015 
Mount La Combe
241Mount Liamuiga (St Kitts) 
Aerial view of Mt. Liamuiga 
242 Anvil Horn (Colorado)
South from Mt Ethel
243 Cleopatras Chair (Utah) 
Many features visible in Utah 
244 East Thorne (Colorado) 
East Thorne- 13,333 ft. 
245 Owl Rock (Utah)-Attempted November 9 2013 
Near the summit
246 Volcán Maderas (Nicaragua) 
Sunset view of Volcán Concepción from Volcán Maderas 
247 Volcán Concepcion (Nicaragua) 
Volcán Concepción from Volcán Maderas 
248Mount Hanang (Tanzania)
249Cradle Mountain (Australia) 
Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake... 
250 Wheeler Peak-winter (New Mexico) 
Winter, Williams Lake Trail 


251Mount Drum (Alaska) 
Mount Drum from Willow Lake 
252Mount Ogden (Utah) 
Mt. Ogden, from Allen Peak ridge. 
253 Thurston Peak (Utah) 
Farmington Ridge from Thurston Peak. 
254 Granite Peak* (Utah) 
Mineral  Mountains 
255Logan Peak (Utah) 
Mount Logan and the Bierdneau Formation 
256Mollies Nipple (Utah) 
257Spanish Fork Peak (Utah) 
Looking at Spanish Fork Peak... 
258Gray Head* (Utah)n/a
259Beehive Peak (Utah)
260Sids Mountain (Utah)
261 Bartons Peak (Utah)n/a
262 The Horn (Utah)
263South Caineville Mesa (Utah)
264 The Block-Hite (Utah)n/a
265No Mans Mesa (Utah)n/a
266Fiftymile Mountain* (Utah) 
Where is Rainbow Bridge? 
267Mount Elmer (Utah) 
South Fork & Mt. Elmer  
268Mount Jardine (Utah) 
North Ridge 
269 The Block-Henry Mts. (Utah)n/a
270Doyles Delight (Belize) 
Natural Arch - Doyle s Delight 
271Victoria Peak (Belize) 
Victoria Peak from 18 km 
272Mont Buet (France) 
Mont Buet 
273Pinnacle #1 (Utah) 
Pinnacle #1 
274Chute Buttress* (Utah)
275 Tomsich Butte* (Utah)  
Reflection in Muddy Creek 
276Big Baldy (Utah) 
Big Baldy 
277Black Crook Peak* (Utah) 
Looking north from the... 
278Kelsey Peak* (Utah) 
Kelsey Peak 
279Butterfield Peak (Utah)-Climbed June 21 2014  
Lowe Peak from Butterfield Peak Ridge
280Mount Magog (Utah) 
Mount Magog, Moonset 
281Mount Gog (Utah) 
Mt Gog and Mt Magog 
282Canaan Mountain* (Utah) 
White Domes 
28312566 Red Castle (Utah)  
Red Castle 
28412338 Red Castle (Utah)  
12338 from the NW 
285Notch Mountain (Colorado)-Climbed September 13 2014  
Holy Cross from North Mountain
286Elk Mountain-winter (Colorado)-Climbed December 25 2015  
Elk Mountain
287Greg Mace Peak (Colorado) 
Storm Clouds Break 
288Limestone Ridge (Colorado)
289Galena Peak (Colorado)-Attempted April 24 2016 
North/Homestake Peak 
290 Silisili (Western Samoa) n/a
291 Matafao (American Samoa)
292 Alava (American Samoa)
293 Vulcan Mountain (Wyoming)n/a
294Tomanivi (Fiji)
295Gunung Tahan (Malaysia) 
Unusual Ferns 
296 Pu'u Konahuanui (Hawaii) 
297 Pu'u Pihea (Hawaii)  
Kalalau Valley Walls along the NaPali Coast 
298 Nonou Mountain (Hawaii) 
The Sleeping Giant s head. 
299 Haleakala (Hawaii) 
Ko olau Gap 
300 Wabayuma Peak (Arizona) 
Wabayuma Peak 


301Mount Ritter (California) 
302Willard Peak (Utah) 
Willard Peak 
303Coxcomb (Utah)n/a
304 Jardine Juniper Peak (Utah) 
Big Green 
305Eagle Canyon Pinnacle (Utah) 
 Eagle Canyon Pinnacle -- Southwest Face 
306Gray Head BM (Utah)n/a
307Mount Spry (Utah) 
A typical view from the north... 
308Wall Street-several (Utah)-Climbed December 1 2013
309Heat Wave (Utah)n/a
310Pinnacle Tower (Utah) n/a
311Mother Goose (Utah)n/a
312Funnel Arch Butte (Utah)
313Homer and Marge (Utah)
314Mount Everest* (Utah)
315Split Pillar (Utah)n/a
316Avalon Tower A, B, and C (Utah)n/a
317Teakettle Mountain (Colorado)
318Dallas Peak (Colorado)
319Puttermans Buttress (Utah)
320Parriott Mesa (Utah)-Attempted November 30 2014 
Sister Superior 
321Puoux-several (Colorado)-Climbed October 22 2016
322Chimney Rock (Castle Valley, Utah)n/a
323Baby Sister (Utah)
324Dock Rock (Utah)-Climbed January 19 2014 
Mike the Belayer 
325 Dunce Rock (Utah)
326Lizard Rock (Utah)-January 19 2014 
Topping out
327Remnants Tower (Colorado)
328Prophecy in Stone (Utah)n/a
329Vultures Roost (Utah)n/a
330Tezcatlipoca (Utah) 
331Willis Tower (Utah)n/a
332Monticello Rock(Utah)n/a
333Sunset Butte (Utah)n/a
334 Looking Glass Rock (Utah)-Climbed November 10 2013 
335Bears Ears (Utah) 
From Natural Bridges visitor center (pic 1) 
336Mister Potato Head (Utah)
337Alhambra Rock (Utah)
338Elephant Toes Butte (Colorado)
339Castle Rock (Kane County, Utah) 
Looking north from the summit 
340Jupiter Mountain (Colorado) 
Peak Eighteen and Jupiter Mountain 
341Horseshoe Mountain (Colorado) 
Horseshoe as seen from... 
342Mount St Helens (Washington) 
Mt St Helens 
343 Diamond Peak (Idaho) 
The first bit of sun... 
344Hualapai Peak (Arizona) 
Hualapai Peak, roof of northwestern Arizona 
345Humphreys Peak (Arizona) 
Sunrise on Humphreys 
346Cerro Mogotón (Nicaragua) 
Cerro Mogoton 
347Volcán Baru (Panama) 
Cumbre del Baru 
348 Volcán San Cristobol (Nicaragua)
349Volcán Telica (Nicaragua)
350Derby Peak (Colorado)-Climbed October 30 2016 
Mosquito Lake


351Shingle Peak (Colorado) 
Looking southwest 
352“Island Lake Peak-South” (Colorado)-Climbed September 5 2016 
Crescent Lake
353Little Marvine Peak-North (Colorado) 
Marvine Peaks 
354 “Surprise Lake Peak” (Colorado)-Climbed September 4 2016 
Surprise Peak
355Rat Mountain (Colorado)n/a
356Turret Peak (Colorado)n/a
357Flander BM (Colorado)n/a
358Blair Mountain (Colorado)n/a
359Timber Mountain (Colorado)n/a
360“Twin Lakes Peak” (Colorado)n/a
361Paradise BM (Colorado)-Climbed July 17 2016
Mirror Lake and Paradise BM
362“Adams Lake Peak” (Colorado)n/a
363“Canyon Creek Peak” (Colorado)n/a
364“Lost Solar Peak-East” (Colorado)n/a
365“Lost Solar Peak-West” (Colorado)n/a
366Baxter Peak (Colorado)n/a
367“Gardner Park Peak” (Colorado)n/a
368Eastview BM (Colorado)n/a
369 “Peltier Basin Peak” (Colorado)n/a
370“Oyster Lake Peak” (Colorado)n/a
371Flattop (Colorado)-Climbed October 2 2016 
Flattop Mountain
372“Peggy Peak” (Colorado)n/a
373"Bear Lakes Peak-North" (Colorado)
Peak 11820 Bear Lakes Peak North
374“Goosenest” (Colorado)n/a
375"Bear Lakes Peaks-South" (Colorado)n/a
376Bear Mountain (Colorado)
Bear Mountain
377“Mount Hobbs” (Colorado)
Mt Hobbs
378Red Elephant Mountain (Colorado)n/a
379“The Forehead” (Colorado)n/a
380 Little Agnes Mountain (Colorado) 
Sawtooths from Little Agnes 
381Davis Peak (Colorado)-Climbed June 21 2015
Davis Peak
382Poison Ridge (Colorado)n/a
383Buck Mountain-South (Colorado)-Climbed August 10 2013
Descending Buck Mountain (South)
384Buck Mountain-North (Colorado)-Climbed August 10 2013
385“Roxy Ann Peak” (Colorado)n/a
386“Bighorn Peak” (Colorado)n/a
387“Porcupine Peak” (Colorado)-Climbed August 9 2014n/a
388Front Range-Central Peak (Colorado)-Climbed July 25 2015 
389“Red Canyon Peak” (Colorado)n/a
390 “Luna Lake Peak” (Colorado)
Luna Lake
391 “Seven Lakes Peak” (Colorado)n/a
392Mount Silverthorne (Colorado) 
South Ridge from Zodiac View 
393 Peak Z (Colorado) 
 Peak X , Peak Z , and Peak Z... 
394 Peak Q (Colorado) 
Prisoner Peak 
395 Peak L (Colorado) 
Colorado s spectacular Gore... 
396 Red Peak (Colorado) 
Colonalpyat views the rest of... 
397Mount Valhalla (Colorado) 
This photo was taken from a... 
398 Peak N (Colorado) 
The Gore Range 
399Mount Solitude (Colorado)
400 Peak X (Colorado) 
Upper Boulder Creek Drainage... 


401"East Partner"* (Colorado) 
Peak V from  Outpost Peak  in... 
402"West Partner" (Colorado) 
West Partner Peak 
403Snow Peak (Colorado) 
Looking back on rugged Snow... 
404 Peak R (Colorado) 
The awesome north face of... 
405The Spider (Colorado) 
The Spider 
406The Fly (Colorado) 
The Spider 
407Uneva Peak (Colorado) 
Uneva Peak 
408Buffalo Mountain (Colorado) 
 Buffalo Mountain from the... 
409Demming Mountain (Colorado) 
 Deming Mountain from the... 
410Eccles Peak (Colorado) 
Eccles and Demming 
411Tonka Tower (Utah)
Tonka Tower
412“Corner Peak” (Colorado) 
Corner Peak 
413“Northwest Corner Peak” (Colorado) 
Northwest Corner 
414“ East Corner Peak” (Colorado) 
Corner Peak Group 
415Paria Plateau HP (Arizona) 
Vermilion Cliffs South 
416Peak 5184 (Arizona)n/a
417Bells Cleaver (Utah) 
From the East 
418Doi Chiang Dao (Thailand) 
Doi Chiang Dao Vista 
419Nangkartshang Peak (Nepal)-Climbed December 19 2012 
Nangkartshang Peak 
420Hamugon (Nepal)-Climbed December 15 2012 
421Mount Moriah (Nevada) 
The Northwest ridge route 
422Mount Washington (Nevada)
423Lincoln Peak (Nevada)
424Weavers Needle (Arizona) 
Picacho Peak (left) and its... 
425Echo Peaks (Arizona)
426Truchas Peak (New Mexico) 
Truchas Peak photo taken from... 
427North Truchas (New Mexico) 
Truchas Peaks Panorama 
428Mountain of the Sun (Utah)
429Progeny Peak (Utah)
430Peak 10245 (Colorado)-Climbed September 14 2013
Forgotten Point (Peak 10245)
431Blue Mountain Peak (Jamaica) 
The Blue Mountains, Jamaica 
432Pic Paradis (St. Maartin)
433Nevis Peak (St Kitts and Nevis)
434Mont Pelée (Matinique)
435Soufriere (St Vincent)-Climbed April 7 2016
Summit Ridge
436Mount St Catherine (Grenada)-Climbed April 5 2016
Mount Saint Catherine
437Mount Qua Qua (Grenada)-Climbed April 3 2016
438Pigeon Peak (Trinidad and Tobago)-Climbed December 14 2013
Climbing Pigeon Peak
439El Cerro del Aripo (Trinidad and Tobago)-Climbed December 10 2013
Climbing El Cerro del Aripo
440Mount Tabor (Trinidad and Tobago)-Climbed December 13 2013
View from the slopes of Mount Tabor
441Baruntse (Nepal) 
Baruntse North from Amphu Labsa pass 
442Yala Peak (Nepal) 
Yala Peak from high camp 
443Cherko Ri (Nepal)
444Naya Kanga (Nepal) 
Naya Kanga from the Northeast 
445Nun Kun (India) 
Nun Kun 
446Pigeon Peak (Colorado)
447Stok Kangri (India)  
Stok Kangri 
448Spantik (Pakistan) 
Spantik from the south east... 
449Monte Perdido (Spain) 
View on Mt. Perdido 
450Posets (Spain) 
Posets & Espadas 


451Aneto (Spain) 
Portillon superior (Aneto). 2005.05.25 
452Pico del la Maladeta (Spain) 
Maladeta glacier 
453Besiberris (Spain) 
Besiberri Sud 
454Coma Pedrosa (Andorra) 
Agulla de Baiau y Pic de Centfonts 
455Sphinx Mountain (Montana) 
Sphinx from the Northwest. 
456Imp Peak (Montana) 
SE aspect of Imp Peak 
457Beehive Peak (Montana) 
Beehive Peak 
458Mount Cowen (Montana) 
459Black Mountain (Montana) 
Black Mountain, taken from... 
460Glacier Peak (Montana)  
two steps up and one step back 
461Wolf (Montana)n/a
462Two Sisters (Montana)n/a
463Dead Indian Peak (Wyoming) 
Dead Indian Peak 
464 Closed (Wyoming)n/a
465Battlement (Wyoming)n/a
466Pinnacle Butte (Wyoming) 
Pinnacle Butte 
467Ramshorn (Wyoming)n/a
468Fremont Peak (Wyoming) 
Fremont from Island Lake, mid... 
469Mount Helen (Wyoming) 
Tower 1 Gully of Mt.Helen and... 
470Ellingwood Peak (Wyoming) 
Harrower Peak (Ellingwood) 
471Temple Peak (Wyoming) 
Temple Reflection 
472Lizard Head Peak (Wyoming) 
The Lizard 
473Musembeau Peak (Wyoming)
474Mount Bonneville (Wyoming)
475Mount Leidy (Wyoming) 
Mount Leidy-- Summit and Tetons View 
476Fossil Mountain (Wyoming)
477Gran Paradiso (Italy) 
Gran Paradiso summit pyramid 
478Aiguilles Du Tour (France/Switzerland) 
Col Superieur du Tour 
479Weissmies (Switzerland) 
SSE ridge 
480 Piz Buin (Austria) 
Approaching ski depot 
481Piz Palü (Italy/Switzerland) 
Piz Palü 
482Ortler (Italy) 
Ortler alpenglow 
483Gross Venediger (Austria) 
484Aletschhorn (Switzerland) 
Aletschhorn northside 
485Jungfrau (Switzerland) 
Jungfrau (4158 m) 
486Mönch (Switzerland) 
487Dom (Switzerland) 
The Dom seen from the summit of Nadelhorn. 
488Weisshorn (Switzerland) 
A real dream: the Weisshorn... 
489Liskamm (Italy/Switzerland) 
Lyskamm ridge 
490 Dent d'Herens (Italy/Switzerland) 
Dent d Hérens / Matterhorn 
491 Grandes Jorasses (France/Italy) 
The elegant shape of Grandes Jorassesseen from Vallone di Combette 
492Mount Regan (Idaho) 
Regan Closeup 
493 Alpine Peak (Idaho) 
Looking at Alpine from the... 
494Mount Heyburn (Idaho) 
Heyburn Sunrise 
495 Warbonnet Peak (Idaho) 
North Warbonnet 
496Mount Conness (California) 
Upper Conness Lake and Mt. Conness 
497Mount Russell (California) 
East Ridge of Mt. Russell... 
498 Lone Pine Peak (California) 
First Rays of Sun... 
499 North Palisade (California)  
Mike Ybarra is checking out... 
500Culebra Peak (Colorado)-Climbed August 24 2013 
Break in the fog


501Knife Point (Colorado) 
Knife Point 
502Lungser (India) 
503Cayambe (Ecuador) 
504Illiniza Sur (Ecuador) 
As seen from Iliniza Norte.... 
505Illiniza Norte* (Ecuador) 
506Imbabura (Ecuador) 
Imbabura from near hacienda... 
507 Carihuairazo (Ecuador) 
Carihuairazo from across the... 
508El Altar (Ecuador) 
Altar as seen from Chimborazo southwest face. 
509Rumiñahui (Ecuador) 
Approaching to the south summit. 
510Sincholagua (Ecuador)  
511Mojanda/Fuya Fuya (Ecuador) 
Laguna de Mojanda 
512Atacazo (Ecuador) 
Atacazo from the Civil... 
513Corazón (Ecuador) 
Corazon from Illiniza Sur. 
514Grand Mogul (Idaho) 
Grand Mogul North Side 
515Payette Peak (Idaho) 
Hidden Ridge 
516Braxon Peak (Idaho) 
Typical scenery on the... 
517Parks Peak (Idaho) 
Parks Peak from Highway 75 
518Decker Peak (Idaho) 
519 Imogene Peak (Idaho) 
Imogene Peak 
520Granjean Peak (Idaho) 
Grandjean s 4th Summit 
521Castle Peak (Idaho) 
Castle Peak 
522Volcán San José (Chile)  
Volcan San Jose 
523No Mans Mountain (Utah)n/a
524Haystack Mountain (Wyoming)
Haystack Mountain
525Stetind (Norway)
526Lost World Butte (Utah)
527Amasa Back (Utah)
528Dyer Mountain (Colorado)-Climbed March 21 2015 
Dyer Mountain
529Resolution Mountain (Colorado)-Climbed February 10 2014 
530Mount Ouray (Colorado) 
Mount Ouray seen from low on... 
531Chilly Peak* (Utah) 
Chilly Peak 
532Ritacuba Blanco (Colombia)  
Ritacuba Blanco 
533Ritacuba Negro (Colombia)  
the north east edgephoto... 
534Bullwinkle (Utah)-Attempted January 18 2014 
535Mount Hooker (Wyoming)  
The North Face of Mt. Hooker... 
536Chicago Ridge (Colorado) 
Winter Mountaineering 
537Lookout Mountain (White Clouds, Idaho) 
Looking into the White Clouds 
538Washington Peak (Idaho) 
East ridge 
539Blackmon Peak (Idaho) 
Blackman Peak s Northeast... 
540 Herd Peak (Idaho) 
Herd Peak s pointed summit... 
541 Newberry Butte (Utah)n/a
542 Huayna Picchu (Peru) 
The Classic View 
543 Pylon Peak (Wyoming)  
The head of the Cirque... 
544 Warrior I (Wyoming) 
Warbonnet and Warrior 1 
545 Warrior II (Wyoming) 
Atop Pingora looking towards... 
546 Sundance Pinnacle (Wyoming) 
Cirque of the Towers 
547 Easy Day Peak (Wyoming)n/a
548 Man of War (Trinidad and Tobago)-Climbed December 14 2013
Man of War
549Nevado Juncal (Chile/Argentina) 
Cerro Juncal 
550Nevado de Cachi (Argentina) 
Nevado de Cachi 


551Pan de Azucar (Venezuela) 
The summit. 30 Mar 2005
552Ice Cream Parlor (Utah)-Climbed November 12 2016
553Sunshine Wall (Utah)
View from Sunshine Slabs
554Hite BM (Utah)
Hite BM
555Sint Christoffelberg (Curaçao)-Climbed November 28 2016
556Hooiberg (Aruba)-Climbed November 26 2016
557Mount Brandaris (Bonaire)-Climbed December 2 2016
Climbing Mount Brandaris
558Cache Peak (Idaho)
Cache Peak
559Volcán Acatenango (Guatemala)-Climbed December 28 2014 
Acatenango summit
560Rabbit Ears Peak-Climbed September 20  2014
561Volcán Santa Maria (Guatemala)-Climbed January 1 2015
562Volcán Toliman (Guatemala)
volcan Toliman and Atitlan
563Volcán Atitlan (Guatemala)
Volcan Atitlan
564Volcán San Pedro (Guatemala)-Climbed December 30 2014
Trail to Volcan San Pedro
565Coon Hill (Colorado)-Climbed September 8 2016
Coon Hill from the southwest
566Volcán Pacaya (Guatemala)-Climbed December 26 2014
Views from Pacaya
567Volcán Santa Ana (El Salvador)-Climbed January 9 2015 
568Wyoming Peak (Wyoming)-Climbed July 26 2014  
Wyoming Peak Summit
569Volcán Concepción (Guatemala)-Climbed January 3 2015 
570Mount Independence (Idaho)
Mt. Independence is the bump...
571Volcán Mombacho (Nicaragua)n/a
572Volcán Maderas (Nicaragua)
Sunset view of Volcán Concepción from Volcán Maderas
573Von Seebach (Costa Rica) n/a
574Rincón de la Vieja* (Costa Rica)
Photo by mblue01, November...
575Volcán Barva* (Costa Rica)n/a
576Volcán Turrialba* (Costa Rica)
Volcan Turrialba as seen  near Turrialba  Lodge:  July 2, 2006
577Volcán Cacao (Costa Rica)n/a
578Volcán Corralilla (Costa Rica)n/a
579Churcura (Peru)-Climbed March 24 2014 
Llareta plants
580Naomi Peak (Utah)-Climbed September 6 2014
Naomi Peak summit
581Bull Mountain* (Utah)
Bull Mountain
582Bárdarbunga (Iceland)n/a
583Snæfellsjökull (Iceland)
Snæfellsjökull summit pinnacle
584Eyjafjallajökull (Iceland)n/a
585Hekla (Iceland)
Hekla from the north
586Trachyte Point* (Utah)n/a
587Cedar Point* (Utah)n/a
588Trachyte Benchmark (Utah)n/a
589Fumarole Butte* (Utah)n/a
590Moonshine Butte* (Utah)n/a
591Mount Guyot (Colorado)
Mt Guyot from Frisco, just...
592Pico La Concha (Venezuela)n/a
593Pico Bonpland (Venezuela)
Bonpland Summit seen from the...
594Toro (Venezuela)n/a
595Nez Pierce (Wyoming)
Nez Perce from Surprise Lake
596Savage Peak (Colorado)
Morning light on Savage from...
597Fools Peak (Colorado)  
Fools Peak seen from just...
598Mount Saint John (Wyoming)
Looking up at the entrance to...
599Bivouac Peak (Wyoming) n/a
600Mount Warren (Wyoming)
East and North faces.


601Tatow Knob* (Utah) 
Tatow Knob
Swallow Rocks (Utah)
Stake on Swallow Rocks Summit
603Francs Peak (Wyoming) 
Francs Peak, Range Highpoint
604Whitepine (Utah) n/a
605Mount Thomas (Colorado) n/a
606Dickers Peck (Colorado) 
607Washakie Needles (Wyoming) 
Knife edge
Cerro Verde (El Salvado)-Climbed January 9 2015
Volcán Santa Ana

Volcán Chicabal (Guatemala)-Climbed January 4 2015

Volcán Chicabal lake
Faroe Islands-anything
final approach
Cerro Amigos (Costa Rica)
Nedado Veronica (Peru)
Salcante (Peru)
Salkantay with Alpenglow
Cerro Soray (Peru)
Santa Rosa (Peru)
Cerro Jallacate (Peru)
Nevado Tinshu (Peru)
Ras Dashen (Ethiopia)
another view to the North
Tocllaraju (Peru)
The West Face
Ishinca (Peru)
Ishinka, Peru
Urus (Peru)
The Urus Este (5420m) from...
Chopicalqui (Peru)
August 2002 ascent of the NW...
Signal Peak (Arizona)
Signal Peak from US 95 after...
Mgoun (Morocco)
jbel sarho
Jbel Sirwa (Morocco)
Jbel Sahro (Morocco)
Ol Doinyo Lesatima (Kenya)
Mogli (Ethiopia)
Zuqualla (Ethiopia)
630Mount Sniktau-Climbed August 14 2016 
Mount Sniktau
631Cupid Peak-Climbed August 14 2016 
Cupid and Sniktau
Tsiafajavona (Madagascar)
Maromokotra (Madagascar)
Ol Doinyo Lengai (Tanzania)
Maasai et the foot of Lengai
Rungwe (Tanzania)
Mera (Nepal)
Hongu Peaks from Mera
White Mountain Peak (California)
Many colors of White Mountain Peak
Karisimbi (Congo-Rwanda)
Vistoke (Congo-Rwanda)
Crater Lake
Sabinyo (Congo-Rwanda-Uganda)
Sabinyo Volcano
Gahinga (Uganda-Rwanda)
Muhavura (Uganda-Rwanda)
Jbel Musa (Egypt)
The summit with its wonderful...
Jbel Katherina (Egypt)
A peak of the Moses Mount
Kartala (Comoros)
Bald Mountain  (Big Mountain Pass) (Utah)-Climbed October 5 2014 
Leaving the summit
Eldorado Peak (Washington)
Eldorado Peak in Winter
Currant Mountain (Nevada)
SE Face Routes
Troy Peak (Nevada)
View SE down the ridge
Volcán San Miguel (El Salvador)--
San Miguel Volcano


651Divide BM (Colorado)-Attempted February 14 2016 n/a
652Nyiragongo (Congo) n/a
653Nyamuragira (Congo) n/a
654Mikeno (Congo) n/a
655Le Pouce (Mauritius) n/a
656Lion Mt (Mauritius) n/a
657Piton de la Fournaise (Reunion)  n/a
658Box Elder (Utah)-Climbed September 26 2015
Box Elder Peak
659Wellsville Cone (Utah)-Climbed September 26 2015  
Wellsville Cone
660Boars Tusk (Wyoming)
Boars Tusk
661Navajo Peak (Colorado)
Navajo Peak from above Lake...
662Volcán Villarrica (Chile) 
Volcan Villarrica (2840m)
663Volcán Antuco (Chile)
664Volcán Callaqui (Chile)
665Volcán Llaima (Chile) 
From the north
666Volcán Lonquimay (Chile) 
Volcán Lonquimay
667Big Mountain* (Utah) 
Bald Mountain
668Mount Athabasca (Canada) 
669Mount Willingdon (Canada) 
Mount Willingdon
670Mount Cline (Canada) 
Mount Cline
671Mount Joffre (Canada)
Mount Joffre's North Face...
672Mount Victoria (Canada)
Summit ridge
673Palomo (Chile)n/a
674Sierra Nevada (Chile)n/a
675Nedado de Sollipulli (Chile)n/a
676Guallatiri (Chile)n/a
677Soquete (Chile)n/a
678Volcán Lascar (Chile)
Volcanoes on the Puna
679Miscanti (Chile) n/a
680Campa (Peru) n/a
681City Mountain (Colorado)-Climbed June 14 2015 
682Volcán San Perdo (Chile) 
The active cone of San Pedro volcano
683Royal Mountain (Colorado)-July 23 2016 
Mount Royal
684Buffalo Ridge (Colorado)-Climbed June 20 2015 
Little Agnes from Buffalo Ridge
685Cerro Mismi (Peru) 
The top of Nevado Mismi. You...
686Coropuna (Peru) 
Nevado Coropuna from base...
687White Rock Mountain (Nevada) 
White Rock Mountain with...
688Rainbow Mountain (Nevada) 
Rainbow Mountain and Rainbow...
689Juniper Peak (Nevada) 
Juniper Peak
690Mount Wilson (Nevada) 
Mt. Wilson in the Clouds
691Indecision Peak (Nevada) 
Indecision Peak
692Charleston Peak (Nevada) 
Charleston Peak - May 2003
693Telescope Peak (California)  
Telescope Peak
694Black Velvet Peak (Nevada) 
Black Velvet Wall
695Global Peak (Nevada)
Global Peak
696Windy Peak (Nevada) 
Windy Peak from near the...
697Mount Muir (California)-Climbed July 3 2015
Mount Muir
698Bald Mountain (Nevada)-Climbed June 28 2015
Bald Mountain
699Sugarloaf Peak (Wyoming)-Climbed October 17 2015  
Sugarloaf Mountain
700Mount Andromeda (Alberta) 


Ama Dablam