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Female, 46 years old

Whitefish, Montana, United States

Power = 11 (Vote Weight = 41.66%)

Occupation: Sales

Climbing Partners: SP Members Rebelgrizz and The Levitator

A Few Words: The block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak becomes a stepping-stone in the pathway of the strong. Thomas Carlyle

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Member Since Jul 24, 2009, Last Active: Nov 10, 2014

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Climber's Logs I've Signed (122)
Mountains & Rocks (105)
Tongue Mountain (Jewel Basin (MT))
Warex Peak (Salish Range (MT))
Barren Peak (Cabinet Mountains)
Mount Thompson-Seton (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Carney Peak (Cabinet Mountains)
Standard Peak (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Diamond Peak (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Cedar Peak (Mission Range, MT)
Ksanka Peak (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Poorman Mountain (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Mount Hefty (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Bold Peak (Salish Range (MT))
Holland Lookout (Swan Range (MT))
Divide Mountain (Glacier National Park, MT)
Kenelty Mountain (Cabinet Mountains)
Jumbo Peak (Cabinet Mountains)
Warland Peak (Salish Range (MT))
Webb Mountain (Purcell Mountains)
Calx Mountain and Lookout (Salish Range (MT))
Haskill Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Swede Mountain (Cabinet Mountains)
Lightning Peak (Salish Range (MT))
Black Butte (Salish Range (MT))
Dog Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Pleasant Valley Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Strawberry Mountain (Swan Range (MT))
Whitefish Mountain (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Green Mountain (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Krinklehorn Peak (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Moose Peak (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
St. Clair Peak (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Mount Marston and Lookout (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Thoma Lookout (Point 7104) (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Werner Peak and Lookout (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Krag Peak (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Wedge Mountain (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Hornet Mountain and Lookout (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Lydia Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Sutton Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Pinkham Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Sheppard Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
The Head (GNP) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Bison Mountain (GNP) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Little Sutton Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
McGuire Mountain and Lookout (Salish Range (MT))
Meadow Peak and Lookout (Salish Range (MT))
Murr Peak (Salish Range (MT))
Castle Rock (Salish Range (MT))
Firefighter Mountain & Lookout (Flathead Range (MT))
Davis Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Bar Z Peak (Salish Range (MT))
Weigel Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Wolf Point (Salish Range (MT))
Paul Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Sunday Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Swamp Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Fosseum Mountain (Cabinet Mountains)
Bowers Peak (Cabinet Mountains)
Wapiti Mountain (Cabinet Mountains)
McGregor Peak (Salish Range (MT))
Kerr Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Blacktail Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Mount Furlong (Bob Marshall Country)
Mount Wam and Lookout (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Mount Gibralter (MT) (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Kupunkamint Mountain (Glacier National Park, MT)
Deep Mountain (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Stahl Peak (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Altyn Peak (Glacier National Park, MT)
Link Mountain (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Scenic Point (GNP) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Dunsire Point (Salish Range (MT))
Fox Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Mount Conner (Salish Range (MT))
Johnson Peak (Salish Range (MT))
Adams Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Cyclone Peak and Lookout (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Ousel Peak (MT) (Bob Marshall Country)
Nasukoin Mountain (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Lake Mountain (MT) (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Pollock Mountain (MT) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Piegan Mountain (GNP) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Calf Robe Mountain (GNP) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Matahpi Peak (Glacier National Park, MT)
Dancing Lady Mountain (Glacier National Park, MT)
Red Crow Mountain (Glacier National Park, MT)
Medicine Peak (GNP) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Big Mountain (MT) (Whitefish Range(MT/BC))
Ingalls Mountain (MT) (Salish Range (MT))
Pilot Knob (Salish Range (MT))
Columbia Mountain (MT) (Swan Range (MT))
Mount Aeneas (Jewel Basin (MT))
Lincoln Peak (GNP) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Swiftcurrent Mountain (Glacier National Park, MT)
Scalplock Mountain and Lookout (Glacier National Park, MT)
Huckleberry Mountain and Lookout (Glacier National Park, MT)
Elk Mountain (Glacier National Park, MT)
Apgar Mountain and Lookout (GNP) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Trapper Peak (Bitterroot Mountains)
Mount Swaney (Salish Range (MT))
Tally Mountain (MT) (Salish Range (MT))
Elk Mountain (MT) (Salish Range (MT))
Routes (16)
East Face (Carney Peak)
Via Point 7448 (Ksanka Peak)
Southeast Ridge (Mount Hefty)
North Ridge (Whitefish Mountain)
South Ridge (Green Mountain)
Krinklehorn Gap Route (Krinklehorn Peak)
Great Cleft Route (Pollock Mountain (MT))
Southwest Bushwack Route (Kerr Mountain)
Standard - Trail 133 (Trapper Peak)
Aeneas via Trail # 717 (Mount Aeneas)
South Slopes (Matahpi Peak)
Firebrand Pass Route - Calf Robe Mountain (Calf Robe Mountain (GNP))
Northeast Ridge Route - Calf Robe (Calf Robe Mountain (GNP))
Lunch Creek Route (Piegan Mountain (GNP))
Canyons (1)
Frijoles Canyon (Jemez Mountains Region, NM)

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