2020 Trip Log

2020 Trip Log

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Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Jan 1, 2020


This is just a simple log to keep track of our 2020 trips.

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January 23:  South Table Mountain (Colorado)

I was in the Thorton area for class and wanted to get an after work hike.  the Table Mountains were the closest peaks to Thorton, but since I had already climbed North Table Mountain, I climbed the south.   I started well after sunset and went up the Golden Summit Trail and down the Sleeping Elk Trail.   The views from the summit of Castle Rock (a subpeak of the mountain) were really nice.   My headlamp was getting quite dim, but I managed to get down the Sleeping Elk Trail in the dark.

January 20:  Mount Sniktau (Colorado)

On my way to Denver, I stopped at Loveland Pass and climbed Mount Sniktau.   Conditions were pretty good and it was mild for January.   It was overcast so I didn't stick around to watch the sunset.  

January 19:  Ribbon Canyon (Colorado)

Kit and I met in Grand Junction to explore a technical canyon near the Ribbon Trail.  It was a very pretty canyon with some narrows, but no real slot. There was some snow and ice, but it wasn't more than a minor inconvenience. There was one rappel that humorously landed right into a tree. There were also a lot of neat frozen potholes in the canyon, but they were easy to avoid. The ones we did have to walk over were frozen solid so we didn't get wet. Since it is right next to the Ribbon Trail, Ribbon Canyon would be a good name.

January 18:  Gunnison Bluffs/Old Spanish Trail (Colorado)

Shaylee, Kimberly, and I started as the southern trailhead for the Gunnison Bluffs/Old Spanish Trail.  After walking a mile or so, Kim and Shaylee had to turn back.   I completed the rest of the Gunnison Bluffs Trail alone.    I saw hundreds of birds; mostly ducks and geese.

January 17:  Riggs Hill (Colorado)

Alone, I climbed Riggs Hill and completed the longest loop hike on the hill.   The trail was mostly dry.  

January 14:  Serpents Trail (Colorado)

Kim and I hiked the Serpents Trail before work.   It was sunny so it didn't feet too cold.   The views were really nice under blue skies.  

January 13:  Dinosaur Hill (Colorado)

Kim and I hiked the loop on Dinosaur Hill.  It was nice and sunny and there wasnt too much mud.

January 12:  No Thoroughfare Canyon (Colorado)

In the afternoon, I hiked No Thoroughare Canyon from the bottom.  I wanted to check out the falls so I could see if there was enough ice for climbing.  There wasn't, but it was a beautiful walk.   

At first it was snowing lightly, but the weather became a little clearer later.   

January 11:  Eagle Nest Rock/Peak 5750 (Colorado)

In the afternoon, I hiked to the summit of Eagle Nest Rock and Peak 5750.   There was snow on the ground, but it wasn't that deep and didn't hinder things too much, although the scramble of Eagle Nest Rock was slick.

January 7:  Ourika Gorge (Morocco)

Shaylee and I climbed several routes in the Ourkia Gorge with TJ from Colorado.  The routes were between 5.6 and 5.9 and the rock was of good quality.  We did seven climbs.  I led five of the climbs; TJ lead the other two.  The last one was the most fun, but I was tired by then.  

January 6:  Agadir Oufella (Morocco)

After seeing many tree climbing goats on the way to the trailhead, Shaylee and I hiked up to the old kasbah ruins on the summit of Agadir Oufella.  We explored around before heading back down.  

January 5:  Paradise Valley (Morocco)

Shaylee and I hiked through the Paradise Valley near Agadir.  It was pretty, but a little disappointing since the stream and waterfalls have dried up.  There were some stagnant pools, but that was it.

January 1:  Todra Gorge/Erg Chebbi (Morocco)

Shaylee and I hiked through the spectacular Todra Gorge on our way to the Sahara.  It was really beautiful, but a cold wind was blowing through the gorge.

In the evening we hiked to the top of one of the dunes in Erg Chebbi to watch the sunset.


Accumulated Totals for 2020: 

Days that I went hiking or climbing: 13

Summits Climbed: 8

Summits Attempted: 8

Rock Towers/Technical Buttes Climbed: 0

Rock Towers/Technical Buttes Attempted:  0

Technical Rock or Ice Routes Climbed:  7

Technical Rock or Ice Routes Attempted: 7

Technical Canyons Completed: 1

Technical Canyons Attempted: 1

Overseas Summits: 1

Goals for 2020:

Days to spend hiking or climbing: 250

Summits: 140

Rock Towers: 10

Technical Rock or Ice Routes: 30

Technical Canyons: 25


Highest Elevation Reached

13,234 feet (4034 meters) on Mount Sniktau (Colorado); January 20.

Highest Elevation Reached in USA 

13,234 feet (4034 meters) on Mount Sniktau (Colorado); January 20.

Highest Sleeping Altitude


Highest Sleeping Altitude in USA



None to date.


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