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South Carolina, United States, North America
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Jul 23, 2006
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Created On: Jul 24, 2006
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My wife and I took a short drive up to Tamassee Knob this afternoon for a short hike. We looked up the directions and everything on SP and headed out. We heard there could be some ticks on the trail but we figured picking one or two off wouldn't be that bad. We were mistaken, on the trip up to the knob I pulled 15 - 20 ticks off my leg. The main reason for this is how poorly maintained the trail is. At first the trail is in great shape and a lot of the new growth is cut back and cleared away from the trail. However, what wasn't stated on SP is that though the Tamassee Knob Trail begins in Oconee State Park the entire trail isn't in the state park. Eventually the trail goes outside the park and this is when new growth covered by ticks engulfs the trail. During the summer it is a great idea to where long pants due to the quality of the trail outside the park. Also the overgrowth on the trail outside the park can make it difficult to determine when the trail ends. Past the knob I notice a faint trail that looked much like the faint trail leading from the State Park Boundary to the Knob. I attempted to navigate this trail and found myself going down the steep side of the mountain. It took me a while to get back up and I'm lucky I did not fall and get myself hurt. I was very unimpressed with the trail outside the park. It was too narrow and at some points inexistent. I've hiked many trails like it but they were worth it due to the great open views on the summit, this mountain doesn't have that kind of opening though. It seems to be a great hike for the winter when the leaves have fallen and you can see through the trees surrounding the summit. During the summer Table Rock would be a much more enjoyable local hike/climb.


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