Aiguille Savoie - Torre Rossa (Tour Rouge)

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Aiguille Savoie - Torre Rossa (Tour Rouge)
Created On: Dec 8, 2017
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​Torre Rossa or Franc ​Tour Rouge (Red Tower​)​ is the lowest tower on south east ridge of Aiguille Savoie. It south west - west faces have 2 alpine climbs on solid granite rock. Sun comes after about 10 am.

Aiguille Savoie - Torre Rossa
Aiguille Savoie - Torre Rossa

Getting There

From Val Ferret approach to Dalmazzi hut (2,5 hours from parking). From there follow the path that leads to the ridge of moraine. Cross it over and go down follow small path and cairns. Continue till the glacier, the last section (about 50m couloir) is steep and exposed to the rock falls. Cross the glacier heading west north-west and start climb to the slabs and blocks trying go around over the lowest rocks descend from south east ridge of Aiguille Savoie (look for cairns). Continue along the west faces of the south east ridge. A bit later change to the glacier and follow it till the bottom of west face of Torre Rossa. (2 hours from the hut).
Map of Triolet glacier
Map of Triolet glacier


1) Le rouge et le noir - TD 250м 6b (party bolted) / M.Motto and M. Piola / 15 July 1995
2) Abitare il tempo - ED 280m 7a (party bolted) / M.Motto and M. Piola / 30 July - 5 August 1995

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Aiguille Savoie - Torre Rossa (Tour Rouge)

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