Allen Crags from the Grains Gill past the lower canyon

I had a good map, but where exactly does the Grains Gill go up? It's not easy to see if you don't know it, and at this point, I didn't.

From the map, I knew the main errors I could make would be to turn to the right early on and end up following the Ruddy Gill, but at this point I was already past that problem and was still on track. Soon I should get to where the Allen Gill comes from the left, and I should ignore that route as well. After that, the map shows several blue lines, but looking at the terrain ahead, I see that there are more small streams, gullies and canyons than there are lines on my map.

I wasn't worried though. I figured that, higher up, I would simply follow the largest of the rivulets and gullies, and when in doubt, I would go straight ahead and to the south. But that didn't stop me from looking ahead, trying to guess where the route would lead me.

24 May 2012.


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