Alpine BIVOUACS in the Aosta Valley (Valgrisenche Valley)

Alpine BIVOUACS in the Aosta Valley (Valgrisenche Valley)

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- Alpine BIVOUACS in the Aosta Valley (Valgrisenche Valley) -

    A L P I N I S M

  • F= Easy
  • PD= Slightly difficult
  • AD= Rather difficult
  • D= Difficult

    H I K I N G

  • T= Tourist – Itineraries on footpaths, mule tracks or wide paths. Don't present orienteering problems.
  • E= Excursion route without technical difficulty – Itineraries on footpaths or trails on different ground types (grassy meadows, rocky ground). Orienteering capacity and good training to walk some hours are required.
  • EE= Trekking routes for expert hikers – Sign-posted itineraries with some difficulties: slippery, grassy or rocky ground, rocky or snowy slope or easy climbing passage (use of hands necessary). Only for experienced mountain hikers with at secure step, a good feeling for balance. Physical training for 1-day walk required.
  • EEA= Trekking routes for expert hikers with equipment – Equipped tracks or "vie ferrate". Technical equipment required.


Denomination: Bivacco LUIGI RAVELLI Invergnan
Altitude: 2.860m Route: From Aosta (583m) - Arvier (776m) - Valgrisenche (1.664m) - Bonne (1.810m) - Usellières (1.785m) - Refuge (2.860m) Time: 3h'00 - 3h'30 from Usellières (1.785m) Difficulty: E Opening period: Always opens Owner: Giovane Montagna di Torino Places: 9 Climbs and excursions: Grande Rousse (3.607m), Punta Rabuigne (3.261m), Cima di San Martino (3.363m), Punta Tina (3.523m), Punta Barmaverin (3.472m), Cima di Fos (3.447m), Becca di Giasson (3.202m) Internet: -


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