Alpine Idyll

Early fall sunset at the Klemensek farm (1145m), above the Logarska valley,
September 2005


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billyray66 - Dec 6, 2007 6:06 am - Voted 9/10

Re: wow

Thanks for the response,just started on this site and dont know many people yet.


Judd97 - Dec 7, 2007 12:20 am - Voted 10/10


Beautiful photo! Great work capturing the beauty of the scene.


hunkan - Dec 7, 2007 2:48 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Beautiful

Thank you very much for the compliments!
Cheers, Emil


bobeck - Jan 7, 2008 10:26 pm - Voted 10/10


I love the colors!


hunkan - Jan 8, 2008 3:36 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Beautiful

Thanks for the positive comment!
Cheers, Emil


Garfimi - Sep 13, 2008 9:08 pm - Voted 10/10


Location. Location. Location. A wonderful picture.


hunkan - Sep 15, 2008 10:26 am - Hasn't voted


Thanks for the nice comment!
Cheers, Emil

David Senesac

David Senesac - Oct 23, 2008 12:09 am - Hasn't voted


It is impossible to have red clouds high in the sky while sun is still shining on the landscape with merely warm yellow light as is obviously the case here. The warmest light (yellow-orange-red hues), as long as such is not blocked by landscape or clouds is always lower while the least warm light is higher and changes last with the setting sun. So this is upsidedown. Thus this appears manipulated with a filter or Photoshop just at the top. Aesthetic art nontheless whether intentional or not.

David Senesac Photography


hunkan - Oct 23, 2008 1:59 pm - Hasn't voted


David, your observation is absolutely correct and questioning the color of the clouds is valid.
If you check the previous comments regarding the technical aspects of the photograph, and my response to them (in words and actions), you might notice a small corrective process.
On my original submission the sky was so greenish, I considered pulling the picture off. Too much haze and overexposure on the right side were (and still are) technical faults, too...
SP member bbirtle commented:
"Somehow the color of the sky seems skewed to me (too much green?)"
My response was:
"The way the sky turned out on the image really bothered me, too...
Unfortunately with my modest technical skills I could not handle well enough and correct the effects of the light-rays striking the area 90 degrees from the right.
Considering that there are literally hundreds of technically perfect photos with superior features (dazzling colors, lighting, etc.) on SP, I hesitated to submit my picture with the technical shortcomings. At the end I just could not resist sharing the panorama, and the radiating peacefulness I had experienced at this site in the majestic Slovenian mountains..."
On some of the other SP members' advice I tried to address the haze problem and the color of the sky. With my limited resources (Picasa), and weak skills I was only half successful: with red tone I managed to bring back the sky to blue, but to the expense of true cloud colors.
David, I welcome any suggestion from you (via PM), how I could get rid of the pink in the clouds.
As I have commented before, this photograph definitely does not enjoy its (somewhat unexpected) popularity based on technical merits, rather on what the scene represents: a lucky association with most members' dreams to live in such an idyllic environment...
David, thank you for the comment, your professional assessment is always welcome!
Cheers, Emil

Sierra Ledge Rat

Sierra Ledge Rat - Dec 28, 2008 4:22 am - Voted 10/10

One of the best....

Did you use a filter?


hunkan - Dec 28, 2008 10:09 am - Hasn't voted

Re: One of the best....

Thank you very much!
I did not use any filter, (you can have more info from my previous response)...
Cheers, Emil


RayMondo - Dec 3, 2009 10:23 am - Voted 10/10


A real picture postcard, and as Enjar says - like a painting of the romantic school. Amazing blend of colours. I should find a place like this to finish my book.


hunkan - Dec 6, 2009 3:08 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Tops

Thanks Ray, this is truly a magical spot, a real treat to your eyes and soul...

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