Around the Lost Mountain. Postcards from Ordesa & Perdido

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Around the Lost Mountain. Postcards from Ordesa & Perdido
Created On: Sep 16, 2011
Last Edited On: Nov 24, 2011

Around the Lost Mountain. Postcards from Ordesa & Perdido

I don't know if anyone has invented something more effective, practised ad hoc for the whole evil of opressing every day reality manacles than just discovering the new. A man, an idea, a place, a phenomenon - you stride forward to mesmerize yourself and to sustain that state of euphoric brainwave one more time, finding out that there, behind that cage you were stuck in for some more or less serious reasons, there is a wide world boiling with unmeasured richness of colours, emotions and beauty twisting your head in all directions and reflecting the flash of nearly child's amazement in your eyes...

"To see and to feel something fresh, brand new" was the genesis of my first encounter with Pyrenees last week. Romantic nimbus of the great and a bit forgotten mountains nowadays, Ordesa's wide fame of "the great canyon of Europe" and the magnificent scenery of the ridges around the Lost Mountain of Monte Perdido which I knew from pictures only up to now and summer, summer and once again summer that hasn't died... were an absolute boost for me to travel that way.

It was only a week I spent in the mountains including not the shortest bus travels from Barcelona what was undoubtedly too short period of time to accomplish initial plans of hiking around Monte Perdido massif via Gavarnie on the French side. Lucky me, despite weather puzzles almost every morning, a bit kicked and weakened healthiness and that "self-sufficient sack" on my back weighing like some rocket launcher I managed to reach main targets of the Spanish trip classic program with successfull Monte Perdido(3,355) climb, traversing to the legendary, huge rock gate of Breche de Roland(2,807) pass, hiking Ordesa canyon broad and wide with bivouacing above the kilometre abyss, with the Sun finally which I was looking for so much and the madness of storms which I haven't missed that much at all, but which never spare me from themsleves. Enjoying the silence of so much non-Carpathian mountain wilderness and the atmosphere of evening at bottle of red wine in Goriz altogether with dozen of companions from all world's directions met on Pyrenean path...


Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. Pyrenees, Huesca, Aragon - Spain. 30.08-04.09.2011


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eza - Sep 27, 2011 11:27 am - Voted 10/10

Thanks, Tomek

You've collected a most beautiful set of pictures here, thanks for sharing them

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Around the Lost Mountain. Postcards from Ordesa & Perdido

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