<b>From <font color=green>MOUNT AVRIL </font>to <font color=green>MOUNT BLANC SUMMITS</FONT> and <FONT COLOR=PURPLE>Brèches</font></b>


From Mount Avril (3347m) to Mount Blanc (4809/10m). SUM *MITS 1)- I°, II°, II°, IV° Faceballa's Points; (3310m c; 3310m; 3315m c.; 3330m c). 2)- Velan's Horns East Double (3618 and 3619m c.); West (3620m). 3)- Mount Capucin; (3390m). 4)- Mount Cordine; (3329m). 5)- Valsorey's Trois Frères (= Valsorey's Three Brothers), (3261, 6m), SE Wall. 6)- Valsorey's Five Molars also generically Valsorey's Aiguilles; (I° 3238, 9m; II° 3247, 9m; III° 3231, 2m; IV° 3244, 5m; V° 3296, 9m), SE Walls. 7)- Aiguilles des Luisettes (Seven, Four major) or generically Valsorey's Jags also generically Valsorey's Aiguilles; (SW I° 3231, 2m; SW II° 3244, 5m; Central 3296, 9m; NE 3232, 1m), S-SE Slopes. 8)- Le Rateau (= Valsorey's Rake) SW Double Summit or generically Valsorey's Jags also generically Valsorey's Aiguilles; (3277m; 3278m c.). 9)- Le Rateau Central Summit or generically Valsorey's Jags also generically Valsorey's Aiguilles; (3281m c.). 10)- Le Rateau NE Summit or generically Valsorey's Jags also generically Valsorey's Aiguilles; (3285m c.). 11)- Grand Carré; (3335m), SE Wall. 12)- Mount Percé SW, NE Summits; (3353m; 3347m c.) 13)- Les Luisettes (Three: SW, Central, NE Summits); (3433m; 3348m c.; 3443m). 14)- Tete Blanche (3413m), below Aiguille's Verte Summit; (3489m), SE Crest from By's Pass, W Slope and N Face. 15)- Amiante's Peak; (3562m; left) and Mount Sonadon; (3578m). 16)- Grande Tete de By; (3588m), SE Wall, NE Face and N Crest (standard route). 17)- Tete du Filon; (3306m), North Face. 18)-Tete de la Balme; (3313m), N Face. PA ** SS 1)- Faceballa's Pass (3239m; left) and Saddle 8280m). 2)- Horn's Eastern Bréche; (3612/10m). 3)- Horn's Western Triple Brèche; (3630/28m c.; 3608m c., 3605m c.). 4)- Filon's Pass; (3251m). 5)- Capucin's Pass; (3376m). 6)- Southwestern Chamois's Pass; (3259m). 7)- Molars's Bréche; (3178m). 8)- Southwestern Molars's "Carving"; (3221, 2m). 9)- Central Molars's "Carving"; (3231, 9m). 10)- Northeastern Molars's "Carving"; (3221, 2m). 11)- By's Pass; (3224m). 12)- Aiguilles's of Luisettes Southwestern Brèche (3196, 1m). 13)- Aiguilles's of Luisettes Central Saddle (3193m). 14)- Aiguilles's of Luisettes Northeastern "Carving" (3217, 6m). MORE *** OVER BESIDES from left no signed in photo: between 10/11 Rateau's "Carving" (3225m c.). between 11/12 Great's Carré Pass (3294m, Kurz). between 12/13 Mount's Percé Fenetre or Pass (3317m,Kurz). DET **** AILS IN PARTICULAR from left and in high contra the sky: in right of n° 6 Mount's Velan Icy Cup (3734m); in right of Gr. Jorasses and between n° 11/12 Mount's Blanc of Tacul N-NE Shoulder; below n° 11 The Aiguillon; in right of n° 12 Aiguille de Savoye; in middle among n° 2/3/4 Velan's Five Jags/Ariondet's Head, E-SE Wall; between 8/9/10 Mount's Velan-Quota 3672m North icy Face; between 10/11 Mount's Velan Quota 3670m/Velan's Aiguille/Quota 3561m; between 11/12 Quota 3488m/Proz's Jags . PIC ***** TURE Photograph by Antonio GIANI
on Aug 26, 2010 8:58 am
Image Type(s): Alpine Climbing
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