Between winter and spring in Prokletije

Between winter and spring in Prokletije

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And let them be cursed! Between winter and spring in Prokletije mountains

Since the moment I saw them first late sunny September time last year while crossing whole Balkan Peninsula on the third and final stage of my Transeuropean voyage and then through following months, the idea of coming back there, to the wild mountains of Montenegrin/Albanian frontier has become a proverbial long winter night's dream...

The time has finally come when southern winds began to blow, delivering long awaited springtime to Europe. The world unchained from heavy snows and greyness has suddenly turned green as I was just crossing the whole continent from remote Ireland via golden city of Budapest/enjoying some great encounter with Peterbud there/ across picturesque hilly lands and canyons of former Yugoslavia on my long way back to Prokletije.
"Cursed mountains" as they used to be called, showed their magical face again. Though one, terribly misfortunate food poisoning that caught me on the very beginning of the stay in the mountains I managed to accomplish hiking through both famous, stunning valleys of Grbaja and Ropojana, on Montenegrin side of the range. Challenging plans of winter crossing of the main ridge through its high passes must have been postponed due to poor health of mine and changeable weather cirumstances for the next, upcoming occasion.

Hundreds of unforgetable impressions of the mountains in their full glory of mixed winter and spring scenery to be kept in mind till the next planned, late summer visit this year when the major cross of the whole range from its one end to another is on board.

I hope your optymistic, spring mood rises while viewing those pictures being presented here, enjoy!


Prokletije mountains, Montenegro/Albania, 2-6th April 2011

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With special thanks for Peter Budai/ SP Peterbud/ from Budapest for logistic and moral support of the trip. Lengyel, magyar – két jó barát!!! ;)


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