Echoes of the Accursed Mountains

Echoes of the Accursed Mountains

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Echoes of the Accursed Mountains 2011

I have no clue who named these mountains the name they wear, but regarding that vastness of undisturbed beauty I found there I remain convinced that none of Gods from any side of the ridge are to blame...

These are the mountains. The mountains of the eternal borderland between nations, cultures and religious ideas. Valleys and passes through the ages crossed south or north by many searching for better tomorrow or just escaping, soaring, rocky peaks almost shadowing the birthplace of modern, European civilization. Mountains of encounter rising in the very middle and so remote at the same time pushed into total isolation by those who aspired to change the unstoppable course of the history of human development...Winds of change blew a song of freedom 20 years ago there as well.
One of the most unexplored corners of the Old continent, mountain wilderness of extreme, untouched beauty inviting and open wide as never for all those inquistive minds always looking for some ancient world and life run in accordance with nature and its gifts they deeply believe it still exists somewhere up there in the roadless highlands despite the global invasion of tempting postmodern giftsets of easiness and trash fun as we all "city people" enjoy so much...

To feed my curiosity of the unexplored and wild, in search of that freedom of mind after long months spent sticked in a frustrating cage of a boring, mechanical "life for money", to catch that one and only silence filling the most tremendous rock amphitheatres I know and at last to feel some real summertime atmosphere I went there again, to the South, to the Accursed Mountains/Alb: Bjeshket e Nemuna, Mne: Prokletije/ of the Montenegrin-Albanian frontier.

Simply too many stories to tell at that one occasion here now, presenting that collection of my photo memories of those 2 adventurous, September/October weeks spent among the peaks, crags and in deep forests of the grand Prokletje. Following ancient sheperd trails and receiving a lot of help from Albanian sheperds themselves we have crossed the whole central part of the range starting from North with Ropojana continuing through Theth, Valbona, wild canyons of Cerem, summiting Kolata and Karanfili peaks above Grbaja valley for the final and Adriatic afterparty for goodbye.

Great memories for me and some views my eyes could admire while hiking across "The Accursed" are presented for your enjoyment here.

"Prokletije 2011" complete reports along with thematically divided photogalleries to be found on my website within upcoming days where I cordially invite.

Enjoy the echoes of the Accursed Mountains!


Bjeshkët e Nemuna/Prokletije, Albania/Montenegro, September/October 2011

More photos to be attached in next days


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