Boiling Clouds over Desert Candle Ravine

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The Temblor Range, in Carrizo Plain National Monument, contains some of the most inhospitable badlands one might explore. As such few have ever done so beyond local old timers that explored it for hunting or ranchers looking for lost cattle. However if one times a visit at peak bloom following wet spring rains, within its dangerous hidden labyrinths are some of the most spectacular wildflower wonderlands one will find anywhere in the World. I exposed this Provia 100F 4x5 transparency through my 90mm Caltar lens, on April 29, 2006.

The orange hued wildflowers dominating this image are blazing star, menzelia pectinata, although a bit of the orange is also from a few California poppies scattered about. At frame left, hilltop daisies, monolopia lanceolata, are the most prominent Temblor Range yellow hued sunflower species. Scattered across the foreground areas and with a denser swath frame upper left are purple hued tansy-leaf phacelia, phacelia tanacetifolia. Smaller pink flowers at the lower right frame are red-stemmed filaree, erodium cicutarium. Against the skyline frame right are smaller orange hued fiddleneck, amsinckia tessellata. Scattered higher up on the slopes are small bluish green hued sagebrush.

The image is available on my below home page gallery as a 38x30 inch Lightjet fine art print. For additional information on this image see link.

David Senesac


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