Browns Trail/The Scree Chute

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Arizona, United States, North America
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Hike and Scramble
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Half a day
class 2, 3 and 4

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Browns Trail/The Scree Chute
Created On: Mar 28, 2003
Last Edited On: Jun 28, 2006


See getting their section.

Route Description

This hike can be seperated into 2 parts. The first part is an easy nice hike through the forest for the first 2.5 miles. The next is a steep scramble up the Scree Chute. This peak rises over 6,000 feet from the desart floor, yet the elevation gain on the hike is just over 1,900 feet.
The parking lot is at about 5,600 feet.
From the parking take browns trail #133. Eventually the trail intersects with the Amethyst Trail #253. Take this trail to Browns Pass. This part of the trip takes you through beautiful forests on the north side of the peak. Nothing real difficult, but a nice warm up for the Scree chute. From Browns pass you have a really good view of the Scree Chute and what you will be up against. It almost looks vertical from here. From the ridge you will find a climbers trail heading up the ridge. If you keep heading towards the western section of the Four Peaks you are on the wrong trail. It heads to the Amethyst Mine. You want to go up, not across. You will eventually have to squeeze through a narrow gap in the rock. After that a steep wash opens up and hiking becomes a bit exposed. You will have to stay on the left side and hug the rocks to get past it. You then drop down to the bottom of the Scree chute. Keep in mind that the ascent up the Scree Chute can be dangerous. Be sure to space your selves out if your with anybody. There are plenty of rocks to dislodge. Near the top of the Chute there is a small cliff that must be scaled on the right side. This is a class 3/4 maneuver. Climb up on the exposed side of the Scree Chute and work your way back into it. THe top of the Scree Chute really narrows down near the top. Once out of the chute you still are not there yet, you end up on a small saddle. From here climb over boulders (class 3) the rest of the way up. Remember you are in cactus country. In many places where you find a handhold there are small cacti waiting to prick you. Always look where your putting your hand before grabbing the rock. Watch your feet also so you don't kick any cacti. The needles will go through your boots. It’s not fun having a cactus prick your fingers when your pulling yourself up. I know, that happened to me quite a few times. .
Before you know it, you will be standing on top of the Four Peaks and Maricopa County.

Snow climbing in the Scree Chute changes everything. The climb is more dangerous and is not recommended. If there is too much snow, then it may be impossible to do. If there is up to 3 feet of snow it’s doable, but very risky. This is the only snow climb that can be found in this section of the state in the winter.

Essential Gear

If you are doing this in the snow a stick or trekking poles or even a couple of ice picks will be necessary. Crampons are also recommended. This route is not recommended to do alone. A hiking buddy is a must. Cell phones are also recommended. Anything can happen in the Scree Chute.
Anytime of the year bring lots of water. Even though your hiking above 5,500 feet, it still is dry and get dehydrated.

Miscellaneous Info

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Browns Trail/The Scree Chute

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