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Location Lat/Lon: 41.95936°N / 74.40422°W
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring
Additional Information Elevation: 3862 ft / 1177 m
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A Spur Range that shoots south off of the burroughs range in a backwards L, this Range extends from Woodhaul mountian to corrnel mountian and includes Denman Mountian, Red hill, Woodhaul, Van wych, Table, peakamoose (spur of table by the 350 rule, seprate mountian by the AMC rules), Lone mountian, Rocky Mountain, Balsam Cap, Friday mountian, dink mountian (spur of corrnell), and enters the Burroughs Range at Corrnell

No formal name has been given to the range, (it Also could be called the Ashokan range, or the neversink range, However 3500 club hikers know it as the bushwack range, due the the peaks of lone, rocky, balsam cap, and friday. This range has 4 of the hardest peaks to reach in the northeast becuse of the thick balsam forest, random cliffs, and distance from trailheads. In genral Table, van Wych and woodhaul are not commonly reconized in the range becuse table has a trail, and the other two are of "less intrest" as they dont hit 3500 feet, although they are part of the same range. The neversink to the noth and the Rondout Creek to the south frame the range.

Red hill and Deniman mountian have a futher Sepration from the range but are conected by one common ridgeline that conects the whole range

Mountians of the range

Deniman- has a snowmobile trail thet circles it but never aproches the summit,the land on top is privatly owned, no big veiws can be seen from this 3000 foot peak

Red hill- at just under 3000 feet with no views this trailed peak would be lost without its fire tower that makes a realy good view, the climb is extreamly simple

a Bushwack from the neversink valley, this peak tops out just over 3000 feet

Van Wyck- a 3200 foot bushwack peak south east of table, their is a plane crash and a killer view on this peak (a viewpoint that could rivle the best in the catskills), their is also a indian amplatheater (a stone clove where they preformed ceramony in past time), Van Wych is a peak that deserves much more attention then it gets

Table- A trailed peak with 2 approches that boath are over 4 miles, its flat summit charterizes it, multiple view points open along its summit ridge, many that have to be serched for,
its elivation is over 3800 feet

Peakamoose- a spur peak of table, consided a seprate mountian by club rules
as its a half av mile walk from table with a 250 foot col. Their is a steller view form about 3500 feet, "the great southern outlook"
it tops out over 3800 feet

Lone- a bushwack peak, that tops out over 3700 feet, its forest is the simplest of the bushwack peaks to reach, becuse of the ease of the forest, it has a few viewpoints

Rocky- dense forest, and random cliffs, this peak at just 3500 feet is one of the hardest peaks to get too, the shortest approach is 9- 10 miles one way, their is a viewpoint, although it will feel like a wasted effort to get to, too much work for such little reward

Balsam Cap- a moderate peak to bag with a big climb (somthing over 2500 feet from moonhaw road) this 3600 foot peak does have a bright side their is a reasonable heerd path to the summit and a view point that may be the best in the catskills rewards you,a huge surprise, no balsam on top, why does this have its name then?

friday- this 3600 foot peak is hard to climb,thick balsam and dangerous deadly cliffs are the norm for this peak, combined with the lack of views it feels wrong to climb to gain entry to a club- although it does pay to be curious, some of the cliff have viewpoints better then wittenberg, although you will donate blood and skin to the Catskill balsam blood bank to find them, and possible risk walking off a cliff

Dink- a 2 peak sub summit of corrnel this peaks the same as rocky basically, but without the view, climbing it means gaining entrance to the S-C-W trail

Corrnel- this 3800 foot peak has decent views and more importantly a trail, its the terminus of the range

Getting There

gaining entry to this range, you come from Denning road, peakamoose road, Slade mountian road, Woodland valley(over wittenberg and corrnel , or Moonhaw road

Red Tape

Private property lines some of the area, avoid private lands unless you obtained permision or are following a right of way (like the one from moon haw road)

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no camping on private property, 250 feet or closer to a trail or water source, (unless desinated),or above 3500 feet all else is fair game, have bear canesters if possable,

Animals (dangerous)- quill pigs, coyots, racoons, deer and bear are all common, bobcats, Minks- can be aggressive even though their tiny, Redtail hawlks, bald egals (their is atlease 10-20 in the Catskills), they have a large rang per pair, like a rive/ lake with wilderness hunting aswell
possibly mountianlions - though NYS says they are not in new york, i have personally seen one in state lines, but not in the Catskills the deep bushwhack range would bee a good place for them,

Others- Lots of chipmunks, Squirls, birds, feildmice, all willing to eat poorly stored food



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