C X° Emilius, Blantsette, Nona &

C X° Emilius, Blantsette, Nona & "Dzacquin" Lake from Roèses Mountain Chain 1996

CURT X° Ascending on Salé's Becca (3137m), near the Summit. From left (Eastern Slopes): "Three Capuchins Pass & Crest to Emilius, Black Triangle, Blantsette Carving (between shadow and sun) & Head, Peckoz Pass (idem), initial part of S-SE Ridge or Normal Route to Becca of Seneva. In middle from left: Quota 3110m or Charreys/Norat Cross at the base of East Crest, Blantsette Glacier & moraine, small walloon below Peckoz Pass or Standard Route to the same. In bottom: Lake Dessous, near Ménabreaz Shelter at the Laures. In backgroud: Becca of Nona. In great distance from left: Head of Rutor, Chateau Blanc, Doravidi, Flambeau, Planaval's Pass & Mount Praramont Range. September 29th, 1996 Picture by Osw
on Aug 30, 2013 8:05 am
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