Chavache (Pointe de la)

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Haute-Savoie, France, Europe
Summer, Fall
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Chavache (Pointe de la)
Created On: Aug 24, 2004
Last Edited On: Mar 19, 2006


Typical chablaisian mountain, wild and lonely, between Montriond valley in the south and Plagne valley of Abondance in the north.

Pointe de la Chavache has actually two summits :
- the W summit, the highest point, 2089 m,
- the E summit, 2080 m, round, with a fantastic north wall plunging to Ardens valley.

Pointe de la Chavache is separated in the west from the Pointe d'Entre Deux Pertuis (2176 m) by the Ardens window (also called Pas de la Forclette, 1894 m), in the east from the Pointe des Lanches (1863 m) by the Aup Couti collar (1812 m). The north face is quite a rock wall with two impressive gullies cut into the ridge. The south face is grassy and a flower paradise.

Normal route over the south face and SE ridge and the traverse of the summit ridge present no technical difficulties. Nevertheless no path helps the pregression through a deep vegetation on relative steep slopes and the climb is only recommended for experienced hikers.

Getting There

Start points :
- Ardent
- Bassachaux collar
- Plagne lake

By the road :
to Ardent :
From Thonon D 902 to Montriond then left D 228 to Adent.

to Bassachaux collar :
From Thonon D 902 to Bioge, then left D 22 to La Ville du Nant, 2 km before Chatel.. Right D 230 to Villapeyron and D 228 to Bassachaux collar.

to Plagne lake :
From Thonon D 902 to Bioge, left D 22 to Abondance then right to Plagne lake.

Next station : Thonon

Nextb airport : Geneva Cointrin.

Red Tape

No red tape

When To Climb

In summer. June is the best time when the vegetation is not so high.
In winter with skis when the conditions are good (avalanche danger ++)

Routes overview

1) Normal route from Bassachaux over Ptecro

2) Normal route from Ardent over Ptecro

3) From Montriond over Creux des Bottons and Ardens window

4) From Plagnes lake over Ardens window

5) With skis

Summit view

- in the S : Lindarets, Avoriaz, Dents du Midi, Tour Sallière, Mont Ruan, Mont Blanc

- in the W : Pointe Percée, Montriond lake, Mont Cheri, Roc d'Enfer

- in the N : Pointe de Nantaux, Pointe d'entre deux Pertuis, Ardens chalets, Lake Geneva, Dent d'Oche

- in the E : Cornettes de Bise, Mont de Grange.


Marie-José et Philippe Thoule
74390 Châtel
Tél. : 04 50 73 21 97
Fax: 04 50 73 37 46


- Tinderets Hut
Serge Bigot
Accompagnateur en montagne
Chalet « Le Bouton d’Or »
74360 Abondance
Tél /Fax :
Tél (hut) :
Mobile :

- Lindarets

- Haute Bise Hut, at Bassachaux collar

Chavache (Pointe de la)

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