Collado de la Paul-full ridge

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Huesca, Spain, Europe
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Mountaineering, Scrambling
Spring, Summer, Fall
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A long day
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5.3 (YDS)

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Collado de la Paul-full ridge
Created On: Sep 8, 2010
Last Edited On: Sep 8, 2010


I wrote the normal route to Pico de la Paul across the west from collado de la Paul and the continuation to the peak of Bardamina. If you have complications in the section harder between both peaks and you have time it's possible the return to collado de la Paul returning 500m walking under the ridge to use the normal route of Bardamina (you need 4o minutes), but if you have experience in rock-climb (P.D.) is shorter to climb the full ridge.
I wrote the route from the West but if you come from South (A.Orús) you can climb from East (inverse).

Time: Refugio Angel Orús (4h); Refugio de Estós (4h).

Getting There

See the main page to approach by car.

The collado de la Paul can be reached from Refugio de Estós or Refugio Angel Orús but if you come from A.Orús is better the climb from the summit of Bardamina.

From refuge de Estós (1.870m): we take the path that descent to cross the river Estos. we take a path (West) crossing under aiguilles de La Paul turning (SW) to enter to the ravine of La Paul (left side) walking near of the river. We reach the plain with a small lake entering to Coma de La Paul. we see at the end of the valley the small glacier of La Paul and we walk in direction to the left side of glacier turning to left to climb the slope with a lot of stones to reach the collado de La Paul (3.025m) after 3h 30m.

Route Description

La Paul s summit
La Paul s East ridge

In collado de La Paul we turn to East climbing easily the Pico de La Paul inferior (3.073m) across easy rocks (F.). We descent a little, always on right side of the edge to enter in the west ridge of La Paul. You must follow initially over the edge climbing easy blocks of rock (II-). The fall is impressive but the climb is very nice and safe because the rock is very good to use the hands. In a little aiguille you can see in left side some cairns to leave the edge walking and climbing to return to the edge. The last section has a new climbing (II-) to reach finally the rocky spun to climb the summit (II) of Pico de la Paul (3.078m).

Continuation to Bardamina: the ridge is narrow and very exposed in this section using the hands in the edge walking over rocky step-crossing. We reach the aiguille (3.053m) where the descent is confuse and difficult to see even some people make a rappel in this place. The best option is to descent about 10m-12m in right side across a wall (II or II+) to reach a small terrace. We return to the edge and the climb is easier now (II-) descending in right side to the col with Bardamina. We entry across right side (and not directly) to some zig-zags among the rocks following the cairns with attention to reach finally the shoulder of the ridge. We walk to reach the wide summit of Bardamina (3.079m).

Essential Gear

Rope and harness.

External Links

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