Comera Channel

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Comera Channel
Created On: Apr 6, 2006
Last Edited On: Apr 6, 2006


Comera channel is visible just to the left of the summit in fact it is the channel dividing Punta Cermenati (the highest point of the Resegone) from Punta Stoppani (the first point to the left of the summit looking at the mountain from Lecco).
Ascending this channel permits to reach the summit directly, in winter is a classic ascent but only with safe snow conditions!
The channel starts at an height of 1370m reaching the top of the Resegone (1875m) covering 490m of height difference in approximately a couple of hours.

Getting There

The access to this side of the mountain is from Lecco.
Then follow the indications Valsassina.
Pay attention: since March 2006 there is a new road reaching Valsassina from Lecco, a complex system of tunnels permits to evitate the city so exit this sort of highway following Versasio - Piani d'Erna.
Once arrived at the end of this road you can park the car at the cable car station.
To reach the start of Comera channel you can walk along the path number 1, reach the Stoppani refuge (0.45min from the cable car station) and ascend always following the 1 path until a small area with a christian cross (pian delle bedulette). From here beautiful landscape over Lecco, the lake, the grigne group and alps on the background.
In front of you there is a big amphitheater divided by two channels; comera is the right one. 2hrs from the cable car station.
Another option is to take the cable car to Erna and then discen following the path number 5 until you reach a big area (piano Fieno), here follow the path number 1 reaching pian delle Bedulette. 50min from Erna.

Route Description

This channel starts from the path number 1 at an approximate height of 1370m and reach the summit of Resegone.
All the channel is marked with the path number 9.
To start you have to cross the channel, turn to the left and ascend the slopes looking up to see the red marks helping to gain the channel itself over a rock step (in other words you have to go around on the right the first rock step). A narrow ledge permits to enter the channel.
Here starts the real ascent with a steep channel close to the top.
Once you are at the top of this tract, turn to the right entering the real channel dividing Punta Cermenati (right side) from Punta Stoppani (left side).
Now the end of the channel is clearly visible 200 - 300m up.
Follow the channel reaching the terminal saddle; here you have two options:
reach the saddle and then turn to the right, follow the ridge until the summit clearly visible (big metal cross).
Second option (only with very good snow conditions!!): just before the saddle turn to the right ascending a very steep tract of snow and rocks (pay attention to not cause falling rocks!) reaching the terminal ridge only few meters under the summit.
1.5 - 2hrs from height 1370m where the channel starts.
With good snow conditions this channel represent one of the most interesting way to reach the top of monte Resegone. During summer season the danger of falling rocks is very high so be careful if you decide to ascend this route in summer.

Essential Gear

Ice axe and crampons.
In case of ice (and particularly with little snow) a rope could be useful.

External Links

Here you can find information about Azzoni Refuge situated on the top of Monte Resegone.
Before planning this winter ascent you can ask about the snow condition to the refuge manager, the alpine guide Maurizio Valsecchi.
Tel. number:

Azzoni Refuge

Comera Channel

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