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Feb 18, 2006
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Day Hike
Created On: Feb 21, 2006
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Day hikes

We arrived at 10:30am on a Saturday to do our hike. One thing that I don't think is noted is that there is a $6 parking fee/car. In any event I had forgoten about it. When we got out of the car it was a nice 32*F :) Who could ask for a better day to go hiking? There had been a minor snow flurry about 20 min before we got there so there was a mist of snow over most of the trail that was well covered.

We went up to the summit via Major Welch and down via the AT. You start out walking around the lake on cement and unless you are really intune (not us) you miss the turn off for the trail. It is really hard to see, esp. with a little snow on the ground to hide the tracks of other hikers. Once we got to the end of the lake we recognized our mistake and found the start of the non cement trail.

Then it was fun times hiking up with ice covered over by light snow so you took a step and fell on your face :) Not a route for the faint hearted. In all seriousness we fell probably twice each on the way up since the snow made things hard to see.

At the top it was hard to find the AT, so we walked down the "picinic area" road until we found where the AT crossed the road (white markings). Which reminds me. These trails are REALLY well marked with rock and trail markings like every 100 ft. If you have you head off the ground it would be hard to get lost.

It was all in all a great hike, took about 2 hours with a small snack break. Recommended strongly for those who want to get outside and enjoy the little nature that is still preserved here in downstate NY.


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Day Hike

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