Denise Escande The Chibania

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Denise Escande The Chibania
Created On: Dec 21, 2013
Last Edited On: Jan 1, 2014

Denise Escande the Chibania

PLaque - Chamonix cemetery
The engraved plaque we placed on the Chamonix cemetery wall. Denise had given her body to Science and we wanted a memorial to her in Chamonix. The plaque is by the side of one placed for Vincendon (whom she knew) and Henry who both died in a tragic accident on Mont Blanc in 1956.

Unnamed Image
La Tirelire (The Moneybox)

Vincent speaking at the cemetery
Vincent Couttet, on of Denise's very close guides read the text of Jen Fabre, another mountain guide and also a prefect with a talent for speeches.

The pic-nic at La Tirelire
After the cemetery ceremony we had a party at La Tirelire very much similar to those which Denise uded to organise for her climbing friends. Quite a few did come down from Paris (the Lesueur and the Moreau for one).

The history of La Tirelire
1951: discovery of a Mazot in a farm at Les Plagnes1952: purchase of a 255 m2 field in Les Moussoux (10 old francs per square m)1953: Foundations placed and mounting of the Mazot La Tireline enlarged with a kitchen and shower.1rst May 1953: 2000 tiles drilled and placed by Denise under the supervision of Julien, sitting in the field.Inaugurated 14th July 1953

Pierre Yves Doré distributing Denise's books
Pierre-Yves Doré, a long time friend of Denise is distributing Denise's books amongst the members of the party, all old friends of Denise.Denise had donated all her savings to about 50 friends, but some could not get much as she had overevaluated the amount she had saved, but at least 45 got something!
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Groucho "Escande"

Unnamed Image
Le "Matos" La Tirelire with the famous twin pegs of the key belay of l'Echelle à poissons (Le Saussois)

Unnamed Image
Denise explaining

Denise, Habib, Eric below the Red chimneys - Walker spur
Denise, Habib (Marcel Zerf), Eric - splendid morning after the bivouac below the red chimneys - Walker spur 1 Septembre 1962.

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Harold "Afanassieff - 1rst ascent Harold & Maud - Pointe Lachenal
Unnamed Image
Maud "Escande" 1rst ascent Harold & Ma
Unnamed Image
Jean-Hervé Colle - 1rst ascent Harold & Ma

Unnamed Image
Denise belaying Bernard Pégourié on a Machaby route - 1985

Denise with Pierre Alain
Denise 80 years old with Pierre Alain 90 years old at a La Tirelire party
Denise with Stars' dust
The new owner of La Tirelire chosen by Denise, a good alpinist and nuclear scientist who Denise nicknamed "Stars' dust". Denise wanted her little chalet to go to a good alpinist after she stopped climbing and could not live in it because of its access and its impossibility to be used in winter as it had no isolatio

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"Groucho" Escande smiling - photo Pierre-yves Doré

Denise's plaque beside Vincendon & Henry's
The plaque we had sealed on the Chamonix cemetery wall is beside the one placed several months before in memoriam of Vincendon and Henry who died tragically on top of Mont Blanc. Vincendon, a guide trainee, was from Paris and Denise had climbed with him in Fontainebleau. Henry was a Belgian from Brussels.

Unnamed Image
Moring after a very cold bivouac under the red chimneys. Eric, Cabri, Habib and Denise

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Denise Escande the Chibania

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Denise Escande The Chibania

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