East Planters Wall

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East Planters Wall
Created On: Jul 17, 2007
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Me on the last pitchMacadamia

This cliff faces west, so it gets very limited sun. Expect sun only in the afternoon, and time your climbs there appropriately (usually you do not need an early start). Initially, this cliff only contained several traditional lines that looked for the natural weaknesses on the wall, but in recent years there have been several new sport climbs developed on the faces thanks to Andy Genereux.

One of the most popular routes on the wall, is Macadamia, 130m 5.9. Some of the other climbs on the wall are The Almond (5.9), The Nut Man (5.10c), Cashew Sunday (5.11c or 5.10d) and Pecan Pump (5.10b).

While the rock in the area is generally good, this is a very low traffic area so you need to keep this in mind and be watchful (some of the harder climbs have probably gotten only a handful of ascents since being put up).

Getting There

Park as per the Planter's Valley directions.

From there, approach as for the ice climbs Weathering Heights and Anorexia Nervosa in the winter. From the parking area, walk along the flat road heading towards the Ghost lakes, taking a fork heading left and into the first valley. Follow the creek bed until you get a clear view of East Planters Wall on your left (the first wall in the valley). Make your way up to it by going up a scree slope and faint trails through trees. 1-2 hours

Red Tape

Presently, driving to the described parking lot is permitted. However, random camping is not - follow the SRD rules.


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East Planters Wall

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