East Ridge Edith Cavell 5.3

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East Ridge Edith Cavell 5.3
Created On: Sep 25, 2013
Last Edited On: Oct 4, 2013

Alpine climb of East Ridge of Edith Cavell 5.3

A beautiful sunny period and dry conditions on this classic ridge (one of the 50 classic climbs of N.A.) made for a great climbing experience.

Edith Cavell East Ridge - upper part
The upper section of the East Ridge 5.3 on Mount Edith Cavell.Quartzite rock - dry ridge on Sept 14, 2013.The ridge has two steeper steps. The lower angle sections have the small snow drifts/patches on the right side.The first step is between the 2nd and third snow patches and is just below the main steep section.The second step is the main steep 5.3 section which is mid way up and has dark shade on right side.(about 40-50 m high.Above that is 7 or 8 smaller less steep steps. The over all ridge is about 400-500 m high.Compare to East Ridge Side View

 for climb details

Edith Cavell East Ridge - side view
Telephoto shot of the upper east ridge of Edith Cavell.Compare to East Ridge- See the two steps on ridge.  Crop from a photo courtesy of Sonny Bou

East Ridge Edith Cavell - main steep step 5.3
Main steeper step on Edith Cavell ridge 5.3 The climbing section starts about 20 - 30 m above here and is about 50 - 60 m high.See climbers near top on right side. They are 10 m right of the rap station.I started on right side by jumbled rocks and went up 10 m and then trended left and went up left side or ridge crest directly to the rap station which is about 30+ m up Sept 14, 2013

More pics at billkerr Links


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East Ridge Edith Cavell 5.3

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