From Navacepeda de Tormes by the Garganta de Gredos

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From Navacepeda de Tormes by the Garganta de Gredos
Created On: Oct 17, 2008
Last Edited On: Nov 26, 2008


As there is a road that goes to the 1750 meters of "La Plataforma" very few people wants to go to Almanzor's summit from the small village of Navacepeda de Tormes (1250m)
I recomended to do this route, because in the route that begins in La Plataforma there are lots of people in summer, and in this route are very few people.

The Garganta de Gredos is very nice

Getting There

The 3 airports more near to Navacepeda are Salamanca (west), Madrid
(South) and Valladolid (North)

From Valladolid:
From Salamanca:
From Madrid:


Route Description

The route begins in "Puente de las Paredes" (Walls bridge)
after passing the bridge the path of the right is the correct
 Puente de las Paredes Puente de las Paredes

Going up to the  Cuerda de la Joya Going up by the path to "La cuerda de la Joya"

The path arrives to a saddle in "La cuerda de la Joya" From this saddle you can see the first view of "La Garganta de Gredos" and the "Circo de Gredos"
Gredos from la Cuerda de la JoyaPart of Gredos from the saddle in "La Cuerda de la Joya"

From the saddle we have to go down to "La Garganta de Gredos" without path. First we have to jump a fence (We don't find a step)

Descending to  La Garganta de Gredos Going down to "La Garganta de Gredos"

The begining of  La Garganta de Gredos The begining of "La Garganta de Gredos"

We have to go up by the "Garganta de Gredos" to "Puente de Roncesvalles" (Roncesvalles bridge)

Going up by the  Garganta de Gredos Going up to "Puente de Roncesvalles"

 Puente de Roncesvalles "Puente de Roncesvalles"

After the "Puente de Roncesvalles" begins the part more impresionant of the excursion. The correct opcion from the "Puente de Roncesvalles" is to continue wining altitude by the "Garganta de Gredos"

Mogota del Cervunal"Garganta de Gredos" after the "Puente de Roncesvalles" That mountain is Mogota del Cervunal

In a moment the "Garganta de Gredos" is very steep and you have to change of side of the river (from the right to the left)

 Garganta de Gredos In this photo you can see the steep part of "La Garganta de Gredos"

The final part of the "Garganta de Gredos" is very impresionant. When you see the first time the "Circo de Gredos" from "La Garganta de Gredos" it looks that is very near, but is more far that it looks

Garganta de Gredos"Garganta de Gredos"

Rocky step to the  Circo de Gredos Rocky step to "Circo de Gredos"

 Circo de Gredos "Circo de Gredos" More far that it looks

High part of  La Garganta de Gredos High part of "Garganta de Gredos" near the "Circo de Gredos"

 Circo de Gredos "Circo de Gredos" a little more near

 Circo de Gredos Last hill to the "Circo de Gredos"

In the "Circo de Gredos" is Elola hut and "Laguna Grande" (Big Lake)
From "Circo de Gredos" you can see the first view of Almanzor
Elola hutElola hut

Almanzor from Laguna GrandeAlmanzor from Laguna Grande, in the "Circo de Gredos"

Near the Elola hut there is a signal that indicates the direccion to Almanzor.
When you to the base of Almanzor you can see this view of "Los Tres Hermanitos) (The three brothers)
Los Tres Hermanitos

From Almanzor's base we have to go up by the "Portilla Bermeja" to a desviation with "Portilla del Crampón"
Going to the base of AlmanzorGoing to the base of Almanzor

Going up to  Portilla del Crampón Going up Portilla Bermeja

Going up to  La portilla del Crampón Going up Portilla del Crampón

Near la Portilla del CrampónNear the Portilla del Crampón. In that desviation we have to get the left one

El Cuerno del Almanzor from Portilla del CrampónCuerno del Almanzor

From the top of Portilla del Crampón we have to get a chimney (II) to the summit. We mistake the chimney and we get a more difficult one (possibly III)
A goat near the summitGoat near the Portilla del Crampón

Scrambling the final partGoing up by a incorrect chimney

The summitSummit. Photo taken from the end of the incorrect chimney

Summit of AlmanzorSummit photo

Morezón from Almanzor s summit, with the Laguna Grande belowMorezón and Laguna Grande

Mailbox of AlmanzorAlmanzor's mailbox

We go down by the same route. We go down the correct chimney

Going down the final partGing down by the correct chimney

One of the chimneys to the summitNormal chimney

Going down Portilla del CrampónGoing down Portilla del Crampón

Going down the  Garganta de Gredos Going down the "Garganta de Gredos"

Essential Gear

The normal to do hiking.

If you are very bad at scrambling is not bad to take a rope.
In winter crampons, piolet, rope...

External Links

Pirineos3000 The same route but in spanish

Interest datas

Time: We go up and down in 12h36min

Desnivel: 1950m accumulated

Tecnical difficult: A scrambling in the final part (II)

From Navacepeda de Tormes by the Garganta de Gredos

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