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Avila, Spain, Europe
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Created On: Oct 9, 2002
Last Edited On: Oct 9, 2002


In car from Hoyos del Espino (Avila) until the Gredos platform where we will ascend to the Prado de las Pozas.

Route Description

Dear time: 6h 25min
Difference: 1160 m
Water: at the beginning and finally of the itinerary
Recommended time: All, preferably spring and summer, in alone winter with appropriate material
Cartography: leaf 577 scale 1:50.000 of the Geographical Service of the army

We arrive to the Prado de las Pozas from the parking of the platform where we have left the car after arriving by lorry from the town Hoyos del Espino.
We take address south-Southwest, leaving to our right the fantastic black walls of the Barrerones. Continuing for the path perfectly signalled through the one Majada de la Pasiega we arrive going by the Regajos Llanos to the King's refuge where we will find water. After the rest we continue for the real trail that approaches us to Navasomera, arriving until the head of the throat of the Pozas, where we begin the ascension until arriving to the summit of the Morezón (2.379m). In this point we will possibly contemplate the best views that they can be sighted of the circus of Gredos with all their main summits.
In this point we proceed with a small "destrepe" (PD maximum II), in address to the Navillas, advancing for the tailpiece until locating us in the Cliff of the Hoyuelas (2315 m), which will leave behind for their south slope, reaching the porthole of the Hoyuelas (2249 m) to the one that their follow the Enano(2364 m), La Campana (2314 m) and the Risco de la Ventana (2363 m), all them belonging to the call Cuchillar of Cerraillos.
Without leaving the tailpiece we arrive until Los Tres Hermanitos (2412 m) descending until the porthole of the Hermanitos (2382 m), approaching to the walls of the El Perro que Fuma (2245 m), heading toward the crag of the Casquerazo (2494 m) and lowering until the Porthole of the Machos (2375 m) which gives access to the Cuchillar de las Navajas (2508 m).
Past this cuchillar makes summit in the Sagrao (2508 m) of where after a slope of pending terrorific we arrive until the Portilla Bermeja (2418 m) from where we place ourselves in the rock of the Esbirladero where we go to the final part of our route for the Porthole of the Crampón until making summit in the Almanzor after a brief one climbed (PD maximum II).
For the turn after this demanding journey, the best thing is to lower to the big Lagoon of Gredos from where we will go for the normal route that will drive us until the platform where we have parked the car.

Essential Gear

Clothes and comfortable footwear. In winter if there is snow to take appropriate material, crampons and appropriate boots.

Miscellaneous Info

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