Ojstrica From the North Over Skarje

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Kamnik Alps, Slovenia, Europe
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Summer, Fall
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Most of a day
Walk-up, easy climb

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Ojstrica From the North Over Skarje
Created On: Nov 2, 2005
Last Edited On: Mar 28, 2018

Rating the Route (By Hiking Standards)

0. General: From cca 800m to 2350m, exposition N, W and S. Marked path, on a few places steep and exposed (protected with steel pegs and ropes). Gear: Good shoes, poles.
1. Effort: cca 1600m. From Logarska dolina (valley) 4h 30min, from Koca pod Ojstrico (hut) 3h 30min.
2. Power: 3 - Medium
3. Psyche: 3 - Medium
4. Orientation: 2 - Easy.


A map of Ojstrica, its huts...
Ojstrica and its routes
As described on the main page you ascend from Logarska dolina (valley) to Koca pod Ojstrico (hut), 1208m. 1h.

Route Description

From the hut the joint path for both north ascents on Ojstrica goes first towards the SW up the forrest, then towards S, crossing through a forrest the western slopes of Kroficka. On the altitude of 1480m, 30min from the hut, the two ascents separate. Our 'Skarje Notch' route is easier and goes right.

We cross the slopes below Ojstrica's N face, orienting ourselves towards SW, towards the passage between Ojstrica, 2350m and Rjavcki vrh, 1898m. After passing the N face of Ojstrica a steep scree is awaiting us. That's why this route is more recommended for a descent. Ascending towards S we come up the scree field, then the path crosses towards SW and at the end even towards W again and we reach the saddle below Rjavcki vrh. The altitude is a bit more than 1800m.

Below Rjavcki vrh the path turns left, aiming to the notch in the main ridge. In many turns the path is winding up the scree slope, which is not soft enough to offer a real joyful descent. Finally the last meters below Skarje notch are more steep, but we reach the sunny side without any problems. A well deserved grassy balcony is awaiting us to take some rest.


From Skarje notch the path avoids the main ridge to Ojstrica. It crosses rocky slopes on the southern side, first descending some 50m, then crossing all the way to the south route, which comes from Kocbekov dom (the hut on Korosica meadow). This crossing is on a few places exposed, rocky passages are also protected with steel, so continuing here would probably not be a good idea if coming on Skarje notch with skis and trying to do a ski tour from the summit (it's possible to ski down from Skarje to Logarska dolina). Only the last part of the ascent, over the south route is comfortable again - but steep and crunchy.

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Ojstrica From the North Over Skarje

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