From Squaw Pass Road

Page Type: Route
Route Type: Hiking
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Time Required: Less than two hours


Romping through the powderRomping through the powder

This simple route makes for a great snowshoe in winter. Just wait for a fine power dump. Then, sleep in, casually drift to the trailhead, stomp through a foot of fresh loveliness along the trail. Ascend the slopes of this peak and pop out onto a rocky summit boulder area with astonishing views of the Mt. Evans Massif.

Roundtrip Distance: 5 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,000 feet
YDS Class: 1+ - 2
USGS Quad: Squaw Pass
Recreational Map: Trails Illustrated #104 Idaho Springs | Georgetown | Loveland Pass

Getting There

Getting there map
Cruising down the roadbedCruising down the roadbed

Driving from Denver
• Follow I-70 west to Exit #252, which is CO 74 (Evergreen Parkway).
• Take Evergreen Parkway for roughly 3 miles to Hwy 103 (Squaw Pass Road).
• Turn right on Squaw Pass Road.
• Follow Squaw Pass Road westbound for about 7-ish miles to the intersection with Clear Creek County Highway 475. Parking is on the right/north side of the road.

Route Description

Route Map

• From the parking area, head southbound along an old roadbed (heading right down the old roadbed, not left down the active county road).
• The route cruises through the trees around the eastern slopes of Mount Judge (10,301 feet).
• Head southwest into a hollow, then continue following the road as it straightens and trends southeast in the woods.
• Mozy along for about 1.5 miles before reaching a high point on the road along the northeast slopes of Hicks Mountain.
• Select a spot to leave the road and being your ascent.
• The northeast slopes of Hicks Mountain will be considerably steeper than the terrain you’ve been on to this point and, in snow season, the powder might be untracked, but the going is enjoyable.
• After a little steep-going, the ascent relents at the summit plateau. Find the highest point of the peak, then stomp around and enjoy the views from the open rock outcrops.
• Return the way you came.

Smooth snow leaving trailSmooth snow
Winter WonderlandWinter wonderland

Essential Gear

Happy PuppyHappy Puppy
Summit areaSummit area

• Outerwear appropriate to the season
• Map, compass & GPS
• Colorado Gazetteer for road navigation
• Flotation in snow season will be a must, especially after leaving the packed roadbed (if it’s even packed…)

Leisurely outhikeLeisurely outhike