From Vessona's Hill/Mount Faroma the watershed to Becca of Viou & Roisan

From Vessona's Hill/Mount Faroma the watershed to Becca of Viou & Roisan

Circular watershed from North-northwest to North-northeast: Becca di/de Roisan - Becca di/de Blavy - Becca di/de Viou (2.928 meters) - Mont Mary (2.815 meters, but hidden) - Pointe de Chamerod - three Pointes of Les Prèles or Preyes - Tête d'Arpisson or Pelon de Quart (2.856 meters) - Senevé's West and East Passes - Quota 2.888 meters or "Gendarmes de Senevé" also "Penitents of SDenevé or Cénevé" - Senevé's Western Collar - Senevè's Bell Tower or "Campanile" - Senevé's Eastern Collar and Punta or Pointe di/de Senevé (2.928 meters) - Quota 2.945/50 meters or Pointe de Verdzignola - Tsaat à l'Etsena Western Pass - Tsaat à l'Etsena West Summit (2.971 meters around) - Tsaat a l'Etsena Eastern Pass - Tsaat à l'Etsena East Top (about 2.974/5 meters) - Pointe Joseph Maria Henry - Becca Conge - Saint Barthélemy Col (occulted further to the right or East) - Punta di Verdona - Col Faroma - Monte Faroma (3.073 meters) - Colle di Vessona.

In bottom to the right or North Becca also Testa di Valfreyda (e) or Tête-du-Val-Freyde. In bottom and in center: Col de Foillou and Becca Noail or Novailloz. In bottom to the left or North--northwest from and between Becca Conge first / second Antesummits 2.792 / 2.821 meters on Northeast Crerst: Col de la Lliéè or Lière with shelter, Col de l'Arpeyssaou and Becca di Nona.


Northwest View.



Antonio Giani


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