Glacier Blanc

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Location Lat/Lon: 44.94202°N / 6.38357°E
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Glacier Blanc is Barre des Ecrins north side glacier.
This is the biggest glacier in Ecrins range.
This is a mountain flank and a valley glacier.

Tributary glacier:

Glacier du Serre Soubeyran
Glacier de la Pyramide
Glacier Tuckett

Surrounding summits:

Pic de Chamoissière 3207m
Pic du Dragon 3229m
Pointe du Serre Soubeyran 3472m
Pointe Frendo 3525m
Petite Sagne 3611m
Pointe de la Grande Sagne 3660m
Pointe Mettrier 3620m
Barre Noire 3661m
Barre des Ecrins 4102m
Roche Faurio 3730m
Roche Paillon 3636m
Roche d'Alvau 3628m
Pic de Neige Cordier 3614m
Roche Emile Pic 3586m
Roche Hippolyte Pic 3586m
Pic du Glacier Blanc 3527m
Pic du Glacier d'Arsine 3364m
Pointe Cézanne 3365m
Montagne des Agneaux 3664m
Pic Tuckett 3568m
Pic Jean Gauthier 3389m


Surface: 7 km2
Volume: ? m3
Length: 5 km
Width: 1 Km
Thickness: e < ? m

Altitude: 2500m < a < 4000m

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