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Navarra, Spain, Europe
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Created On: May 5, 2004
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Beggining: village of Goñi.
Approach to Goñi: from Pamplona go direction to Estella for N-111 to Zizur (6km). In Zizur take to right in direction to Gazolaz. Follow the indication to the following villages: Ororbia, Asiain, Anoz and finally Arteta. After the port of Arteta we arrive to Goñi (30 km from Pamplona).

This route is long but is one of the safest in winter.

Route Description

Beggining: Goñi (875m)
Summits: Trekua or Altos de Goñi (1264m), Leziza (1360m) and Beriain (1494m).
Returm: same route.

In the village of Goñi we follow a track near the fronton (wall for playing to pelota-vasca). After a metallic door we follow to the left for the visible path (the right track is to other village). The track goes in the forest and near of the hermitage of San Miguel (difficult to see for the trees). In winter if the track is not visible on the snow we take attention to the many cairns of stones that indicate the route. We arrive to the Bordas de Goñi (ruins of houses) after 1h below the summit of Trekua or Altos de Goñi (1294m) with a geodesic vertex and a nice figure of gnome.
From the summit of Trekua the view of the range of San Donato is marvelous with the big gorge with Peña Blanca. We feel clearly the aim and the route to continuing since the 2 following summits are spied from here. After the cross of the wire fence we will have to descend and turn slowly towards the right side (north) to enter to San Donato's range far yet of the principal summits. Reaching a small hut we follow the cairns that it will take us to a small col indicated with a double cairn through we will have entered in the range. Now the slope is softer and moves away from the dangerous cliffs of the edge for a soft plateau to a little hut (2h45 min).
In the hut is possible to continue directly to Beriain or turn to the left (south) to the near summit of Leziza (1360m) (3h 10min) with a impressive sight of the great cut that is opened from the range to our feet (persons avoid with dizziness). There is a small mailbox in the top. Now we will descend again to the safety of the interior of the range and we go to the principal summit for a little hard slope (green grass in summer and snow with ice in winter) but without any difficulty that we place us in Beriain (1494m) with the famous hermitage and the great geodesic vertex of first order in aproximately 4h or 4h 30 min.
Return for the same route.

Essential Gear

Not specially.
In winter is neccesary crampons and ice-axe generally if the snow remain.

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Route Comment

You can also leave Pamplona towards Ororbia by a secondary road, starting from the neighbourhood of San Jorge. Exit Pamplona towards Irurzun/San Sebastián and turn left (west) just after crossing the river Arga. After that, follow the road signs to the Industrial Area of Landaben ("Polígono Industrial Landaben"), Orkoien and Ororbia

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