Gran Diagonal

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Vizcaya, Spain, Europe
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Spring, Summer, Fall
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Half a day
II (P.D) (U.I.A.A)

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Gran Diagonal
Created On: Oct 23, 2008
Last Edited On: Oct 25, 2008


The "Gran Diagonal" (Big Diagonal) is the most impresionant route to climb Untzillatx without climbing.

The part more difficult is II (U.I.A.A) and it requieres to be acostumbrated to scrambling.

Gran Diagonal route.Gran Diagonal

Route Description

The route begins in Atxarte (290m)
From Atxarte to the East we have Astxiki's walls and to the West Untzillatx walls.

From Atxarte begins a track that goes up in south direccion.Few meters after a path goes to the right (west) ascending by Untzillatx slopes.

The path that begins in Atxarte and finish in the scrambling part of the  Gran Diagonal Ascending by the path to the scrambling part

The path ascent under the walls of the Atxarte climbing school

Under the walls of the climbing school of AtxarteUnder the walls of Atxarte climbing school

Aiguille  El Nodo "El Nodo"

The scrambling part is call "Placas de la Gran Diagonal"
The begining of the scrambling partThe begining of the "Placas de la Gran Diagonal"

From this part of the route we can see Torre de Urrestei

Torre de UrresteiTorre de Urrestei

The scrambling (II) are 50 meters more or lest
Going up by the  Gran Diagonal Scrambling by the "Gran Diagonal"

 Placas de la Gran Diagonal "Placas de la Gran Diagonal" from the finish of them

Ridge of UntzillatxRidge of Untzillatx, you can see the summit

When you finish the scrambling part you have to go up by a inestable slope.
Then you reach de ridge, very short and easy

Summit of UntzillatxSummit

Untzillatx mailboxmailbox

First part of the descent by LeuretaThe first part of the descent by Leureta

Descent by Leureta

To avoide the descent by the Gran Diagonal we descent by Leureta
This descent is easy, but in bad conditions you have to be carefull

Descending by LeuretaDescending by Leureta

The descent of LeuretaDescent of Leureta

Leungane and MugarraDescending you can see Leungane and Mugarra

Looking Saukuko GaneLooking Saukuko Gane

The descent by Leureta unit with la Gran Diagonal

[img:456811:aligncenter:medium:Looking Saukuko Gane]

Essential Gear

Normal to do hiking. If do you want to go down also by the Gran Diagonal I recomended to take material to rappel.


Gran Diagonal

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