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Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Jul 16, 2009
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Mixed
Seasons Season: Summer

What is GYS?

The Global Youth Summit is the name for UIAA youth events which promote peace and cooperation between countries and protection of the environment.

How the idea was born...

A few months ago I read about 2009 GYS in UIAA calendar and thought it would be nice to participate in one of the summit programs, either Elbrus or Kazbek. At last I choosed Kazbek because the registration deadline was after my semester exams and I could make it work.

My partner

United ground and earth

When I told Ali about Kazbek he said he was interested about it and I just had a partner before even leaving home!

Going to Yerevan...

First stop, Yerevan

On July 9 we got to Yerevan(Armenia) by plane and stayed there for the night in Spitak center. Sadly most of our friends were away and we didn't have a chance to meet them but seeing Serj and hospitality from Amo was as great as we didn't think about that much!

Leaving Yereven to Tbilisi...

Welcom to Tbilisi

On july 10 we left Yereven to Tbilisi by minibus in the morning, it took about 6 hours and was a combination of horse riding and sitting in a car! Full of adventure. At last we got to Tbilisi, such a nice city

Waiting for July 11...

Magic Tbilisian Kiss!

Since we had almost a day to the time we were supposed to meet others, we decided to see Tbilisi! we were walking for a long long time getting to new places. That afternoon I will never forget.

July 11, meeting the rest of team...

Meeting others!

We joined the team beside the main mail station of Tbilisi. That time we didn't know we were going to have such unique memories with these strangers...

Getting to Kazbegi

Getting to know people

Stepaniminsda is the new name of this beautiful small town. Great view of Gergeti church, view of Kazbek and the walk we had together with some of our new friends will never be forgotten.

July 12, hiking to 2600m

Gergeti Sameba

With a 6 hour hike we got to our camping site. Ali, Ingela and me shared a tent that night. I slept great though our neighbours were so loud(ALEXANDER/V/IRAKLI/NIKA).

July 13, leaving camp to Meteo station...


on July 13 morning we left our camp to Meteo station in 3600m. It took less than 4 hours which was mostly passed on a very nice glacier. Khatia was the leader in our rope! Fast one

Our long long stay in meteo station...

V is for V, not for victory

We stayed 5 days in meteo station for good weather to come up, and it never did. This long waiting was very hard for us although we reduced the pain by friendship and playing joker!

July 17...Summit Day

First steps with crampons

At last Zurab decided that we had to try for the summit. This was our last chance(also the 1st!). On july 17 we woke up at 2 am and left meteo station at 4:15. after 1:30 we entered the storm zone and the problems we were waiting fr started.


There is going to be bad weather!

The weather was getting worse and worse. We were on the first rope and at last stopped for the rest of the teams to come so that Zurab could make the final decision.

Final decision...

Taking a photo

Ingela, Ali, V, me and maybe some other people didn't like this last decision... We had to go back. This was the last point. Goodbye Kazbek. The way I felt that moment is nothing I can explain. I was so sad but I knew that I should never argue with the leader and whatever he says is for the sake of the team. So we returned. Ali and I took a photo on the last point just for ourselves to remember those moments.

Getting back to meteo station...

Everyone sad, some crying
Still Storm

We were still in bad weather for more than 1 hour. And atlast got out of it. After opening the ropes we sat down for a while and every one was somehow misterious... I had seen such moments before so tried to get over it as soon as possible and change the atmosphere.

Leaving meteo station...

Leaving Meteo Station

we stayed the night at meteo station and left on July18 morning. Ali and I tried to stay 2 more days and try again for the summit, but it would be so expensive and we couldn't afford it. Later we were happy we didn't stay. The weather was still bad in Kazbek. our team left the meteo station and got back to Kazbegi after a week around 2pm(some people came much later).

The last meal...

The last meal together!

The last meal we had all together in a restaurant on the way back to Tbilisi is not something I can ever forget! we were hungry. We had this meal at 6 pm, it was my breakfast and the lunch for others. We were hungry, Oh god how much hungry we were! But the end was nice. full stomaches with food and drinks. We all felt great and thats what matters...

After the program

A view from Signagi

The days after the program were great. We spent 3 more days in Georgia and visited many places. Nice land, nice people.
For this I should appreciate Irakli and Khatuna. And of course some other friends like Nona, akaki, etc.
I think it's totally a mistake to travel to countries for climbing, without seeing anything else. Mountains are good but not enough!

Special Thanks to...


Zurab Kutchava for arranging everything so greatly.
all our Georgian friends who were so kind.
Good friends from Ukraine, sweden, Norway, Tajikistan, Latvia, etc that made us great memories and we learned from them...
Our families whom we really made them worry.
And at last Alireza Fakahatkar, my good friend and great partner during the whole program.


Kazbek (Mountain/Rock)
by alexclimb

Cotnari on Kazbek (Trip Report)
by hiker8848

If you wana see more photos

See Flowers of Caucasus Album

Good memories

flowers of caucasus 8

Seeing more and new experiences are the things I seek alot more for them than just summiteering in my programs and in that way this was the best mountaineering program I ever had.
I met a lot of people whom from each of them I learned some, I made new friends who I respect and care about though it's not a long time we know each other.
And I experienced another land and it's people.
this trip was a good one for sure.

It's really great that you can keep the memories when days are gone!


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