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Hinterer Tajakopf
Created On: Feb 13, 2011
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Hinterer TajakopfHinterer Tajakopf (left) between Griesspitzen (background) and Ehrwalder Sonnenspitze

There are several subridges branching off to the north from the west - east running Mieminger Berge main ridge. The summits of these subridges are less high than the main summits. Nevertheless these summits are of interest for mountaineers.

The double summit of Vorderer Tajakopf and Hinterer Tajakopf build the second subridge, seen from the west. They divide the huge Drachenkar (dragons cirque) with the beautiful mountain lakes Seeben See and Drachensee and with the frequented mountain hut Coburger Hütte to the west from the more remote and calm Brendelkar to the east.

There are two important cols: Vorderes Tajatörl between the two summits and Hinteres Tajatörl, the latter connecting the two cirques and separating the two summits from the main ridge.

Taja is a raetoromanic word for mountain pasture and both, the “mountain pasture front head” (Vorderer Tajakopf) and the “mountain pasture rear head” are looking down to a huge mountain pasture zone: Ehrwalder Alm, in summer lush meadows, in winter an overcrowded ski area with easy downhill slopes, good for families and beginners.

Hinterer Tajakopf is located south of Vorderer Tajakopf and north of the huge rockface of Griesspitzen, the latter being a real obstacle for a good summit view from Hinterer Tajakopf, because they are about 350 m higher than our summit.

Nevertheless Hinterer Tajakopf is often visited: as a nice hiking summit and as “home mountain” of Coburger Hütte in summer and autumn, as an interesting summit for ski mountaineers ascending via Brendelkar or Drachenkar and as a nice add-on of the Grünstein ski loop.

Some people do the traverse Vorderer to Hinterer Tajakopf, an easy rock scramble after finishing the difficult Tajakopf via ferrata to Vorderer Tajakopf.

And even though the views to the south are rudely blocked by high Griesspitzen our summit allows a thoroughly study of the Mieming range with its impressive northern rock faces and offers great views to the southern rockfaces of Zugspitze and Hochwanner. To the west bold Ehrwalder Sonnenspitze rises above Seebensee and Drachensee and to the farer west and northwest Ammergauer Alps and Allgäu and Lechtal Alps show their many peaks and hights.

Getting There

Hinterer TajakopfWinter ski ascent to Hinterer Tajakopf with Zugspitze rock faces

Main trailheads for Hinterer Tajakopf are Ehrwald - parking area of Ehrwalder Alm cablecar - and Biberwier (summer / autumn only).

You reach Ehrwald or Biberwier:

from Munich

  • by using highway A 95 and road number B 2 to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, then

  • road number B 23 to the German - Austrian border and road number 187 and to L391 Ehrwald, follow there the signposts to Ehrwalder Almbahnen

  • or continue on road number L391 to Biberwier.

  • from Innsbruck / Sankt Anton

  • by using highway A 12 (toll sticker) to the exit Stams / Haiming, then

  • road number 189 to Nassereith and 179 to Fernpass and the exit “Ehrwald”. Follow there road number L71 to Biberwier or go on on L391 to Ehrwald.

  • from Reutte / Lechtal / Füssen

  • by using road number 198 (Lechtal) or 179 (from Füssen) to Reutte, continuing on

  • road number 179 to the exit “Ehrwald” and road number L71 to Biberwier or go on on L391 to Ehrwald..

  • Hinterer TajakopfHinterer Tajakopf as seen from Hochwand
    Hinterer TajakopfHinterer Tajakopf as seen from Hochwanner

    By railway

    The “Außerfernbahn” links Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Reutte with a railway station at Ehrwald, Zugspitzbahn. There is a shuttle bus to Ehrwalder Almbahn or to Biberwier.

    Check the railway schedule here

    Routes Overview

    Hinterer TajakopfHinterer Tajakopf and western Mieminger range

    Summer / Autumn

    Brendelkar ascent: Ehrwald - Ehrwalder Alm - Iglsee / Seebenalm road - Brendelkar - Hinteres Tajatörl - summit

    Drachenkar ascent: Ehrwald - Ehrwalder Alm - Seebenalm road - Coburger Hütte (trail number 812) or Biberwier - Biberwierer Scharte - Coburger Hütte (trail number 814); then: Hinteres Tajatörl (trail number 812) - summit
    Both ascents can be combined to a little loop tour.

    Tajakopf via ferrata: Ehrwald - Seebensee via trail number 812 or by using Seeben via ferrata (very difficult) - Coburger Hütte - via ferrata to Vorderer Tajakopf - Vorderes Tajatörl - Hinterer Tajakopf - Hinteres Tajatörl and back to Coburger Hütte or descent via Brendelkar.

    A southern ascent via Höllreisse - Grünsteinscharte (trail number 812) and Hinteres Tajatörl is possible, too.

    Winter / Spring

    Brendelkar ascent: Ehrwald - Ehrwalder Alm - Iglsee / Seebenalm road - Brendelkar - Hinteres Tajatörl - summit

    Drachenkar ascent: Ehrwald - Ehrwalder Alm - Seebenalm road - Coburger Hütte - Hinteres Tajatörl - summit

    Both ascents can be combined to a little loop tour. Downhill fun is higher if skiing down Brendelkar. Some people ascend via Brendelkar, ski down to Coburger Hütte, zigzag back up to Tajatörl and ski down Brendelkar. Can be great powder fun in January and February.

    Hinterer TajakopfEhrwalder Sonnenspitze as seen from Hinteres Tajatörl
    Hinterer TajakopfVorderer Tajakopf as seen from Brendelkar

    Grünstein ski loop: A highly recommended ski tour classic; Hinterer Tajakopf can be bagged easily when traversing Hinteres Tajatörl.

    Red Tape & Accommodation

    Hinterer TajakopfHinterer Tajakopf and Hinteres Tajatörl

    Mieming range and Hinterer Tajakopf have no special restriction.

    Valley accommodation of all kinds are to be found at:


    Coburger Hütte, closed in winter, is a nice alpine mountain hut.

    You can use Lehnberghaus on the south side of Mieming range when you choose the southern ascent / descent.

    Gear & Mountain Condition

    Hinterer TajakopfHinterer Tajakopf as seen from Brendelkar

    Hinterer Tajakopf is a year round summit.

    In summer and autumn it is a classic hiking tour with a bit of rock scramble near the summit. In combination with the Tajakopf via ferrata to Vorderer Tajakopf the ascent is difficult.

    Normal hiking gear is sufficient, for the via ferrata you need your belaying gear.

    As a winter or spring ski tour Hinterer Tajakopf is not too difficult. The Brendelkar and Drachenkar ascents even are for beginners who want to test their skills. Grünstein ski loop is for the advanced ski hikers due to the length of the route (and if you don´t facilitate things by using Marienberg cablecar for the first ascent!).

    You need your ski tour gear and avalanche gear during these ski hikes.

    Brendelkar can produce huge avalanches, be careful there!

    Check the Tirol avalanche bulletin here.

    Current Weather:

    Map & Guide Book

    Hinterer TajakopfEhrwalder Sonnenspitze as seen from ski ascent to Ehrwalder Alm / Tajakopf


    Alpenvereinskarte 1 : 25.000, Blatt Nr, 4/2, Wetterstein- und Mieminger Gebirge, Mittleres Blatt

    Zugspitze, Mieminger Kette: Ehrwald, Lermoos, Garmisch, Reutte. Wander-, Rad- und Skitourenkarte. 1:50.000 KOMPASS-Karten, Innsbruck, Februar 2009

    Guide Book

    Wutscher, Rudolf:
    Alpenvereinsführer Mieminger Kette
    München : Bergverlag Rother, 1989.

    The "old" classic (probably sold out)
    Pfanzelt, Helmut:
    Alpenvereinsführer Wetterstein und Mieminger Kette.
    München : Bergverlag Rother, 1971.

    Hinterer Tajakopf

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