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Location Lat/Lon: 47.45902°N / 11.76413°E
Additional Information Elevation: 7543 ft / 2299 m
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The Hochiss is the highest peak of a small group called Rofan. The group which lies between Achsensee (lake) and Inn bears officially the name "Brandenberger alps". The western part of it, next to the Achensee, is the most important part with the highest peaks. Among climbers is mostly just called the "Rofan". The eastern part of the Brandenberger Alps features calm wooded hills (around 1500 m). The Rofan consists basically of gentle grass slopes to the south where the alpine cows can go up to the top of the peaks and steep north faces towards Steinberg. This really small group is pefect for all kind of mountain acitivities: hiking, climbing, paragliding,ski touring and snow shoeing

Main Summits of the Rofan

List of all summit higher than 2000 m (taken from with additions altitude, name, difficulty (UIAA), starting point 2299m Hochiß, 0 Maurach, 975m 2261m Seekarlspitze 0 Maurach, 975m 2259m Rofanspitze 0 Maurach, 975m 2257m Roßkopf, nördlicher II Maurach 2236m Spieljoch 0 Maurach, 975m 2233m Dalfazer Wände (-Joch) 0 Buchau, 950m 2228m Sagzahn 0 Kanzelkehre, 896m / Maurach, 975m 2227m Sonnwendjoch, vorderes 0 Kanzelkehre, 896m 2195m Guffert 0 Steinberg, 1000m 2192m Haidachstellwand 0 Maurach, 975m 2169m Grubalackenspitze 0 Maurach, 975m 2157 m Stuhljöchl 0 Achenseehof 936m 2122m Kotalmjoch 0 Achenseehof 936m 2078m Unnütz, vorderer 0 Steinberg, 1030m 2041m Klobenjochspitze 0 Buchau, 950m 2029m Gschöllkopf 0 Maurach, 975m 2007m Hinterunnütz 0 Achenkirch, 920m 2004m Marchspitze 0 Steinberg-Grundache, 900m

Route Overview

Hiking: Basically all Rofan summit can be reached on well marked and easy pathes. Close to the summit, you may encounter short stretches of easy scrambling, sometimes secured by cables. Access may be shortened by using one of the two funiculars: 1. Rofanseilbahn from Maurach to Erfurter Hut 2. Kramsacher Sonnwendbahn It is quite common to do a few summits a day. You have only to descend 100-200 m and reascend to reach the next summit. Climbing: Nice climbs, well equipped with bolts are found on the south side, esp. on Rotspitze and Roßkopf, and on the east face of Rofanspitze (above Zireiner Lake). More info and topos here Very alpine rock climbing on the north faces of Hochiss, Seekarlspitze, Rofanspitze. Sik touring, snowshoeing: There are two small ski resorts in the area (see above). It is also possible and quite common to tackle the summits in Winter. From the Rofanspitze, there is a off piste run 1700 m down to the Inn valley (Wiesing). Also snowshoers can reach most summits: esp. Rofanspitze, Kotalmjoch, Unnütz

Getting There

By car: From Munich: access from north and west: Holzkirchen, Tegernsee, Achenpaß, Achensee access from south and east: Kufstein, Kramsach by public transportation in summer: train to Tegernsee, bus to Achensee ( in winter: lengthy trip via Inn valley.


Camping generelly not permitted, there are several huts, 3 by the German alpin club: 1. Bayreuther Hütte DAV Bayreuth Tel. +43-664/3425103 2. Erfurter Hütte DAV Ettlingen Tel. +43-5243/5517 3. Gufferthütte DAV Kaufering Tel. +43-676/6292404 More information on this huts: Web site Austrian alpine club

Mountain Conditions

Books and Maps

Map Nr. 6 of the Alpine Club (1:25.000) Books: Several guide books for hiking, climbing by Rother

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