Ingrahm Basin Traverse

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 37.89490°N / 107.7479°W
Route Type: Nice hiking on the way up, DISGUSTING scree on the
Time Required: Most of a day
Difficulty: Class 2/ some class 3


The Ingrahm Basin Traverse is a long traverse of all of the peaks surrounding the high Ingrahm Basin, on the far eastern end of the canyon that holds the village of Telluride. To get to the Ingrahm Basin either (4WD) drive up to Bridal Veil Falls or (2WD) park at Pandora Mine east of Telluride and hike up to Bridal Veil Falls. From there, continue following the Black Bear Road on foot, up to Ingrahm Falls. Here you will be in the basin.

Route Description

For the approach to Pt. 13,477, you start the traverse with Ingrahm Peak. From Ingrahm Falls, go into the basin maybe a quarter of a mile, and cross the stream to the right of the trail. Pick your way up the slope to Ingrahm Peak (the low, 12,500ish peak to the south). There is truly no good way up Ingrahm Peak from this area, you just have to slog it out on the very steep slope. Making your own switchbacks is a good idea, and the best way onto the peak is to make your way onto the ridgeline just west of the peak, and then use the more gradual slope of the ridgeline to get onto Ingrahm Pk.

From there it's a beautiful traverse on over to Pt. 13,477, passing several intermittent unnamed points. There are a few spots in which sticking to the ridgeline requires extremely tricky rock climbing. Luckily, the slope to the south is fairly easy to contour along, and it provides a nice Class 2 alternative to some highly exposed climbing. Follow the ridge all the way along to an easy approach to Pt. 13,477.

The problem then is the descent. This, unfortunately, is also the main ASCENT route listed on this summitpost. The route up from Black Bear Pass is some of the ugliest, nastiest rock you will ever encounter. It is mixed boulders, talus and scree and EVERYTHING moves. NEVER attempt to climb or descend this face with anyone below you, because they will surely take several large rocks to the head. Prepare to "surf" your way on down this slope, as it is highly unstable and prone to serious rock slides. Take lots of care as you make your way down-- you're looking at losing about 700' of elevation in less than a quarter mile-- that's about a 50% grade which is some seriously ugly climbing! Be careful!

From Black Bear Pass, you can continue the traverse with an ascent of Trico Peak (and then on over to Pt. 13510, Telluride Pk, Ajax Peak and on down) or you can take the old mining road all the way back down to Ingrahm Falls where you began.

Essential Gear

water, food, and some sturdy boots.

Miscellaneous Info

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