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Location Lat/Lon: 42.90725°N / 19.40706°E
Additional Information Elevation: 7228 ft / 2203 m
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Panorama of Jablanov VrhPanorama of Jablanov Vrh (2203 m)

Jablanov VrhJablanov Vrh

SINJAJEVINA range belong to the group of most impressive mountain ranges of Montenegro and also of Dinaric Alps. That large massif streches between DURMITOR on the NW, BJELASICA on the SE, MORACKE PLANINE on the SW and VOJNIK on the E.

On the SW side of Sinjajevina is placed its wildest massif with its highest peak Babji Zub (2277 m), while on the other NE side Sinjajevina show itself like a totaly different mountain range than its SW part is. On the NE side dominate wild rocky slopes of Jablanov Vrh (2203 m) and its green summit which stay above green valley of Gornje Lipovo village. On this side you can be the witness of totaly different flora, specially of beautifully pine trees on the grassy slopes of Jablanov Vrh.

Panorama of Jablanov VrhGoing to Jablanov Vrh

Jablanov Vrh is second highest peak of Sinjajevina range. That peak is located on the NE part of Sinjajevina massif. On the other, NE side, Jablanov Vrh offer beautiful view to endless grassy vasty plateau of Sinjajevina and to DURMITOR range.

Jablanov Vrh is placed on the N from Babji Zub (2277 m), on the NE from Gradiste (2174 m) and Stolovi (2172 m). From Babji Zub, Gradiste and Stolovi, Jablanov Vrh is separate by beautiful deep grassy valley where houses of Gornje Lipovo is located.

The route to the summit of Jablanov Vrh is not exposed and dangerous.

Summit View

Ascent on Jablanov VrhNear the summit of Jablanov Vrh

Babji ZubBabji Zub (2277 m)

Jablanov Vrh offer amazing view to impressive northern wall of Babji Zub, to beautiful peaks of Gradiste and Stolovi group. Of course, Djedov Do (1943 m) is nicely visible. When the days are clear, you can admire a beautiful view to DURMITOR range and its highest peaks.

NW: DURMITOR (Bobotov Kuk 2523 m, Bezimeni Vrh 2487 m), Prutas 2393 m)

E: BJELASICA (Crna Glava 2139 m, Zekova Glava 2122 m,...)

S-SW: Babji Zub (2277 m), Gradiste (2174 m), Stolovi (2172 m), MORACKE PLANINE

Routes Overview

Jablanov Vrh ascentAscent on Jablanov Vrh

CrossroadCrossroad to Jablanov Vrh

Coordinates: 42°54'26.1'' N ; 19°24'25.4'' E

Route: Kolasin town (954 m) - Gornje Lipovo (1208 m) - Vratlo Pass (1730 m)(T2) 1h - Pilac (1872 m)(T2) 1h - Jablanov Vrh (2203 m)(T3) 1.30h: 3.30h

Height difference: 995 m
Lenght: 8 km
Duration: 3.30h
Trail: Unmarked

ACCESS: By car from Kolasin, through the village of Gornje Lipovo, to the village of Kaljica Selo, on a narrow asphalt road (13 km), following the Plasnica River ravine is where this route begins. From the settlement of Klisura, take the often winding gravel road to the Vratlo Pass, which is the entrance to the Sinjajevina plateau. The Jecmen Do katun (shepherd's cottage) is westward, but go eastward passing by the Pilac katun, a few shepherd's cottages. Continue east-northeasterly towards the steep and grassy slopes of Jablanov Vrh. This part of the ascent is strenuous and demanding but it is well worth the effort for it's splendid views of the Moracke Planine (Moraca Mountains) mountain range, with it's highest peak being Kapa Moracka (Lastva, 2226 m). There is a partial fence on the summit, once intended for a grave. From the summit southeastward, descent can be made to the Savina Voda (1782 m) spring, with a small reservoir of and artificial lake, offering nice refreshment and bathing during the summer months (1h-T2). From the Savina Voda spring descend through Savino Zdrijelo (1880 m), along a shepherd's trail to the Puletic katun and on the village of Gornje Lipovo (Knez Do)(2h-T2).

SummitThe summit of Jablanov Vrh (2203 m)

Getting There

The map of Mt Sinjajevina...Sinjajevina Map

By plane:
The closest airport is the one in Podgorica (70km away).
If you are planning to come via Serbia, you can use the Belgrade (Beograd) Airport in Beograd (Belgrade) city, capital of Serbia and Montenegro.
Information about flights and tickets on JAT Airways web page.

By train:
Beograd - Bar (Bar - Beograd) railway passes through Mojkovac and Kolasin. In winter, there is a special ski-train for Kolasin from Bar and Podgorica. When you get off it, a ski bus will take you straight to the ski resort. After coming to Kolasin town, turn back by road (Kolasin-Mojkovac direction) and than go left (before "Djevojacki Most" restaurant) to Gornje Lipovo village.

By Bus:

From Beograd (Belgrade):
Beograd (Belgrade) - Cacak - Uzice - Zlatibor - Nova Varos - Prijepolje - Bijelo Polje - Mojkovac - Gornje Lipovo village

From Podgorica:
Podgorica - Kolasin - Gornje Lipovo village

For the bus tickets and informations about but lines see Belgrade Bus Station page.

By car:

From Beograd (Belgrade):
Beograd (Belgrade) - Cacak - Uzice - Zlatibor - Nova Varos - Prijepolje - Bijelo Polje - Mojkovac - Gornje Lipovo village
Crossroad (on Kolasin-Mojkovac road) - Gornje Lipovo village: 12 km (asphalt road)

From Podgorica:
Podgorica - Kolasin - Gornje Lipovo village

You should drive along the central Montenegrin highway, which connects the seaside to the towns: Cetinje - Podgorica - Kolasin - Mojkovac - Bijelo Polje; and goes to Serbia (Belgrade city). This road is passable during most part of the year. It is closed only in case of abundant snowing or great rockslides. The landscape along the highway is particularly picturesque in the segment of the Moraca River Canyon between Podgorica and Kolasin. This part of the canyon is called "Platije". The highway is built along the edge of the narrow canyon.

From Podgorica you can also take the village road for Kolasin. It goes across Lijeva Rijeka, Verusa and Matesevo. One part of it goes along the Tara River, which in this area is like a small, gentle and playful spring. The road is narrow, but in good condition. From the north, you will reach KolaĊĦin if you take the highway that passes through Mojkovac. If you are coming from the east you should go across Andrijevica through Matesevo to arrive to Kolasin.


Gornje Lipovo villageCamping in Gornje Lipovo village

Optimal camping place for climbing of Jablanov Vrh is Gornje Lipovo village. Here you can camping for free, without any payment of camping taxes. Near grassy meadow for camping you'll find one house where you can use water spring.

Red Tape

No extra fees. You can freely use your tent for camping in Gornje Lipovo village.



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