Kredarica hut/Triglavski dom na Kredarici

Kredarica hut/Triglavski dom na Kredarici

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Location Lat/Lon: 46.38330°N / 13.85000°E
Additional Information Elevation: 8251 ft / 2515 m

General survey

Tour skiing to Kredarica hut...
Winter ski route from Krma valley

The Triglav Hut on Kredarica/Triglavski dom na Kredarici lies on the Kredarica plateau
just east and beneath Triglav, the highest summit of Julian Alps and Slovenia.
At 2515meters/8251 feet it is the highest, largest and arguably, the most frequented hut in Slovenia,
mostly due to fact that it is a starting point for summiting mt. Triglav over the common and the most popular route.
It is also a back-up point for various multiday traverse routes.
High lying position and open spaces offering extensive views make this hut even more popular. You can often see people sitting on the benches
infront of the hut and simply enjoying the views. On bad weather, they gather inside the hut's five dining rooms, in the peak season
some will sleep here as well. In the winter, crowd is gone. Because it is also a meteorological station, however, meteorologists always prepare some hot meal and tea for winter visitors. Recently, they got the Plasma TV as well
Today’s look is from 1984. In 1992 chapel was erected next to the hut. Every hour its bell rings. Actually, bell can be triggered
by pulling the outside rope, something that  was occasionally misused even in the midde of the night, by guys having  beer or two to many,
to the enjoyment of people sleeping in the nearby annexe. Annexe is between the chapel and  the main building, mixed rooms and bunks,
and with own toilets, so there is no need to run to the main toilets in the middle of the night.

Ownership: Slovenian Alpine Association (Planinska zveza Slovenije) - Alpine club Ljubljana-Matica

Triglavski dom na Kredarici, 4281 Mojstrana,

Planinsko društvo Ljubljana-Matica, Informacijska pisarna, Miklošičeva 17, SI - 1000 Ljubljana
Tel. +386 01 23 12 645 :: Tel. uprava +386 01 43 81 911 ::

Services: hot water, cold water, electricity, heating, toilettes, restaurant

Getting to the hut

Kredarica topomap
Detailed 2266x1390, 3.7MB topomap
Relief overview map
Larger scale overview map
Kredarica hut
Common frontal view of the Kredarica hut

Getting there by car:
From north, direction Munich-Salzburg, via Villach and Karavanke tunnel, motorways A8/ A1/A10/ + A11, must pay vignette + tunnel road toll. At the south tunnel exit fork right for Dovje, Mojstrana.
Same spot can be reached from west, direction Tarvisio, via Kranjska Gora, and from the east, via Ljubljana, Radovljica, Jesenice.
From Mojstrana, there are 3 choices, down 3 different valleys:
Vrata valley, 12km from the Mojstrana till the parking lot near the Aljažev dom v Vratih hut. Partially surfaced road. From the hut,  two secured
paths, Tominskov and Cez Prag , 5-6  hours. Out of two, Tominskov route is more difficult and less frequented.
Kot valley, unpaved road till the eastern flanks of Mlinarica (water source there), up to Stanic hut and another 1 to1 1/2  half hour till  Kredarica.
Krma valley, from Mojstrana 12km of unpaved road,  pass the Kovinarska Koca hut till the Hunters lodge (Lovska koca). Here, marked path
branches in two directions;
1. due east up the Lipanska vrata pass then down to Blejska koca hut at Pokljuka. 2. Due Southwest up the Upper Krma ( Zgornja krma) valley
and beneath the Rz summit till Kredarica. From Hunters lodge in Krma till Kredarica hut, 5 1/2 up to 6 hours.
This is the only trail with no water sources enroute. Krma valley trail is common winter ascent/ski tour route.
Altitude gain from either of the 3 valleys is about 1500m/4900f

From the south, Bohinj lake, to Stara Fuzina village and pass the Vodnikova koca hut (water spring), 5 1/2 to 6 hours.

By coach: there is a seasonal coach service to Aljazev hut parking lot in Vrata valley. Year round  regular coach service to Mojstrana (bus stop),
Bohinj lake (Jezero bus stop) and Stara Fuzina (bus stop).  Schedules at Ljubljana bus station website. Worth noting, bus station is right next to the main railway station.

Nearest airports are Klagenfurt and Ljubljana. Klagenfurt is closer, also serves no frill cariers (Ryan air) and is less convinient. You'll have to change trains
at Villach in order to get to Slovenia. 

Routes and traverses from the hut

Looking down to Kredarica hut
Looking down to Kredarica hut
Last light on Kredarica
Sunset on Kredarica

Routes from the Kredarica hut:
Triglav (2864m/9394f) normal route. Time required round 2 hours. Secured path. Using ferrata gear common these days.
From the hut slight descend due south to the small pass at the foot of Mali Triglav. From here up the steep slope till the first rocks,
where secured path (lots of iron pegs) begins, leading to the Mali Triglav (2725m/8939f)/ From here, path continues along the panoramic crest - crest surface was man made flattened and widened for the safety of numerous visitors - till the foot of the main Triglav summit.
Another piece of steep secured path takes as up to the memorial tablet to Sloveinan painter Marko Pernhart - this particular section is often a bottleneck in the high season, finally reaching the main summit with the trademark Aljaz tower on the very top.
From the hut, back the same way, or by  popular and scenic alternative route down due southwest to Trzaska koca hut (2150m/7052f) descend into 7 lakes valley (1700m/5576f) till Triglav lakes hut.

Traverse to other huts and time required:

  • Dom Planika pod Triglavom (2401m/7875f), 1 hour
  • Vodnikov dom na Velem polju (1817m/4976f), 2 hours.
  • Dom Valentina Stanica pod Triglavom (2332m/7649f), 1 hour
  • Aljazev dom v Vratih (1015m/3329f), 4-5 hours
  • Kovinarska koca v Krmi (870m/2854f), 5 hours.


Accommodation 140 beds, 160 bunks. Price discounts, 30% for all members of Slovenian Alpine Association(PZS), members of Croatian Alpine association(PSH) as well for UIAA membership from the following countries: Austria, Belgium,France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy,  Liechenstein, Luxemburg, Spain and Switzerland. Further 1.50Euros discount if you bring your own sheets (not sleeping bag)
Accommodation type Bunks 4-8 beds bedroom bedroom up to 4 beds
full price 14.00Eur/ 20.01USD 18.00Eur/25.73USD 22.00Eur/31.45USD
price 30% discount 9,80Eur/14.00USD 12.60Eur//18.01 15.40Eur/22.01USD

Food & Drinks
Food Price
Marmalade 30grams/1.05ounces 0.90Eur/1.28USD
Honey 25grams/0.875ounces 0.90Eur/1.28USD
Sandwich 3.30Eur/4.71USD
Slice of bread 0.60Eur/0.85USD
Soup 2.50Eur/3.57USD
Stew - no meat 4.00Eur/5.71USD
Bean stew with meat 5.50Eur/7.86USD
Goulach 5.50Eur/7.86USD
Ham & eggs 4.50Eur/6.43USD
Kranjska sousage with mustard 6.00Eur/8.57USD
Rice, pasta or cabbage supplement 2.60Eur/3.71USD
Salads 2.40Eur/3.43USD
Pancakes 1.50Eur/2.14USD
Chocolate 30grams/1.05ounces 1.00Eur/1.42USD
Chocolate 100grams/3.5ounces 1.70Eur/2.43USD


Drinks Price
Tea 1.50Eur/2.14USD
Milk 1.50Eur/2.14USD
Cocoa, hot chocolate 1.50Eur/2.14USD
Coffee 1.50Eur/2.14USD
Water bottled 1/2litre 1.60Eur/2.28USD
Ice tea 2.50Eur/3.57USD
Coke, Fanta 2.50Eur/3.57USD
Red bull 3.00Eur/4.28USD
Beer bottled 1/2 litre (Lasko,Radler or Union) 3.00Eur/4.28USD
Draught beer 1/2 litre 3.00Eur/4.28USD
Draught beer 0.33 litre 2.20Eur/3.14USD
Wine cabernet sauvignon 1 litre 11.00Eur/15.7USD
Rum 0.05 litre 2.30Eur/3.28USD
Brandy 0.05 litre 2.30Eur/3.28USD
Underberg 0.02 litre 2.30Eur/3.28USD
(Please, note 1 US pint = 0.473176475 litre)
Other useful things you can buy at the hut
Triglav 1:25000 topomap, 9.00 Euros
Various postcards, 0.65 Euros each. Add 0.45 Euros for abroad stamp
You can also buy pins, t-shirts, hats and other memorabilia

USD prices indicated for your reference only, calculated at 1.42955 USD for 1 EURO, as of October 2007.
You have to pay  food/drink/accommodation in Euros.

Bits on history

First hut was opened on August 10th, 1896, on the ground bought and donated  by bishop and mountaineer Jakob Aljaz,
 Modest woodden cottage was enlarged  in 1909
and renamed into Triglavski dom na Kredarici (the Triglav hut on Kredarica), name that remained up to this day.


As said, Kredarica is hosting meteo station, so weather related data is easily available:

Slovenia weather forecast
(nevihte=storm, megla=fog, veter=wind)


Planinska zveza Slovenije  Triglavski narodni park  1:50 000
Planinska zveza Slovenije   Julijske Alpe  1:50 000
freytag&berndt WK 141, 1:50.000  Julische Alpen
from publisher's website

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